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Title 1 Kids
I just found out we service 2 Title 1 kids that live in our district but attend a non public school not in our district.  One receives 40 min/ 2x per week and the other received 20 min/2x per week.  Does anyone have ANY IDEA how to set up attendance/FTE for these students? 

Thanks for ANY guidance, I'm at a complete loss here.
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3 Responses to "Title 1 Kids"

We have 3 parochial school kids who we service for special education. I just enter them by hand. If I had dozens, I'd worry about putting them in PS, but for just a couple, it's not worth the hassle. I get attendance data from their school at the end of the year.

As far as FTE goes, take the number of minutes you serve them and divide it by the number of minutes YOUR STUDENTS are in session in a normal week to get a percentage. Your Title I person might even have that.

Thanks Peggy,

Just so I have this straight.  You enter your 3 students by hand for every report submitted to the NSSRS?

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