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Student Summary Attendance
Is anyone else having trouble running the student summary attendance report for the NSSRS?  Mine just keeps running.............and nothing!
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I did take along time.  But once I got it to come thru, I have students that we provide services to on there and I do not know how to handle them.  Any suggestions?

After I remembered to go into District Office to run it instead of from High school, then it still took a little while, but it eventually went. 

Rebecca, unless you have a real preschool program, preschool age sped service kiddos don't have to be reported for attendance.

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone!

I had trouble running Student Summary Attendance with Internet Explorer but then tried FireFox and it worked like a charm....I'm going to try to remember this for next year!!!!

Our Middle School students have 176 days membership, with 175 days in session.  I have compared the calendars between the schools, and don't see any differences.  Does anyone have any suggestions on where to look to see how to fix this?  PS-My principal wondered if there was something in the minutes of membership, but that's not something I have any knowledge about.  I would really appreciate any help out there...
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