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Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection
Is there a new report with the New State Reports for the new Excessive Absenteeism Monthly Collection?  AND are the New State Reports working now.  Should I update to them or wait until the "kinks" are worked out?

Thanks for any insight!!!
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No, there is no report for this yet. We talked about this during our last state reporting meeting. Going to be interesting how to get the info.

Yes, the state reports are working for the most part. I have not run them all yet so I wont be able to verify until I do.

My reports seem to be working now.

The absenteeism is sent through CDC - there may not be a report to pull information.  I suppose that will be done through attendance count and then just reported through CDC

But what do I know.....

Thank you so much for the responses.  I think with this and the other info I have gathered in the past couple days this is what I plan to do.

1.  Export student number, name and ^(*dabs;8/19/10;9/30/10)
2.  Filter for greater than 2.
3.  Print the Attendance Detail Report for those students, since they seem to need a reason for the absence.
4.  Go to the CDC and see what they really want.
5.  Repeat monthly until the NDE decides they really didn't want this info anyway.  (That was a joke......kinda !?!)

OK, so the first submission is over.  Not too painful, but I'm sure it will get more complicated as the months progress. 

Did anyone find a simple way to get this info exported with days absent and reasons at the same time?

Thanks for any input.

Wow Kris, I am still putting this off. Can you explain once again exactly what you did. I want to do a test run to see what it looks like. Did you have to do this at each school?

It does appear that PowerSchool will develop a report for this in the next month or two.

I'm in the process of setting up Attendance Tracking which is supposed to take care of this. I'll post an update when I get a little further through the process.

I looked at the attendnace tracking and I do not believe it will work, however, I hope you prove me wrong. There is no way from what I can tell to set up to get the information for a date range. If you get it to work, please let us know.

Greg,  I ran the export with ^(*dabs;8/19/10;9/30/10), filtered to greater than 2, then went back and selected those students by hand and ran the student attendance detail report.  Not too bad, but I'm sure there must be a better way.  This could get rather testy by may!

I also tried attendance tracking, but just don't think I can get it to work for daily attendance when we take attendance by meeting.  Maybe Peggy will get that all worked out for us.

I hope you are correct about PowerSchool developing a report for this.  That would be phenomenal!!!

I used Attendance Count Report and puled all codes.  We have an 1 pd day so I just needed to count the students with 24 periods or more.

Then I pulled only my medical codes and counted anyone with 8 or more total periods missed.

I did the same for all the other codes.  (We had no suspensions or expulsions.)

Not sure if that is the right way or not.

I'm not submitting it until I think it is all correct.

I got it all set up and it works perfectly for every building except the middle school which isn't pulling anything. I checked everything and then ran the Refresh Attendance Tracking Data report again, but still no go. I've sent a ticket to support. I'll keep you updated.

Ok, Peggy. We are all anxiously awaiting the instructions on what you did and how this works................I obviously missed something. Let us know.

I am curious as to how other schools handle their Out of School Suspensions.  I have gotten 2 conflicting answers from NDE help desk.  We have always counted our OSS as present because the students are required to do homework packets during their suspension.  Do others count them as present or absent?

We count OSS as absent. ISS as present

Wayne Wiens says... This was a question that came up a couple weeks ago at the  NSSRS workday in Kearney and Beverly I now know why you received two different answers from NDE Help Desk and it's because they have had two different views. After corresponding with Russ Masco, NDE data services trainer, here is my understanding as of today (this has changed since the NSSRS meeting):

Districts are required to offer services to students who are on long term out of school suspension. A student who is on long term out of school suspension will be marked PRESENT if he/she is in attendance at an "alternate school". If the district is providing services, but the student isn't attending an alternate school, then the student would be marked as ABSENT. 

One question still to be resolved is the definition of alternate school. Does it include situations such as UNL distant learning courses or services such as Nova Net. I will post more information when I get it.

Short term suspensions is less than 5 days.
Long term suspensions is 5-20 days.
Expulsion is greater than 20 days.
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