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Federal Race Export
How has everyone been importing this information into Powerschool?  The Fed. Ethnicity field is easy to find, but I am having trouble finding the field for Fed. Race.  Thank you for everyones help.
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I haven't done it yet, but this is what I think you would need to do.

These are the fields that are created in the Student Races when you do one by hand:


I would export ID and StudentID and lastfirst from the student table. In your Excel spreadsheet, you would need to add the RaceCd, WhoCreated, and WhoModified titles.

If a student has more than one race, you will need a line for each race. Enter the information for all of the students.

Before you import into the Student Races table, remove the lastfirst column from your file.

Hope that works. I would test it with 1-5 students before doing all of them.

When I view the student fields list, I don't see the RaceCd as one of the choices.  I have this entered for some students, but it still isn't showing.  I am just at a loss for what to do with this without going and changing everyone by hand one at a time.  The thought of that just really makes me excited for the new year of NSSRS and CDC reporting.

I tried to submit my Student but had errors because PowerSchool does not have fields created for the Hispanic/Latino column or the Race/Ethnicity columns.  Anyone else having this problem?

Brian, you have to be in district mode and the table you import into is Student Races. You won't need the Who fields b/c those will automatically be filled in when you import your file. I have done this several times and it saves a bunch of time.  

Kathy, the new Sept 10 update for state reports has fixed those errors. 

Thank you.  My next question which probably should have been my first question.  Is there a number assigned to each race code or is it a letter abbreviation? 

AM, AS, BL, PI & WH.  These are found in the NE_Guide_Race_Ethnicity file.

I'm not getting anything from column 44 on. The column names don't even show up. Is anyone else having this?

I meant column 144 on, sorry.

Never mind. I thought I had the most recent version of the reports and I didn't.
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