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Special Education Snapshot Question
Just came from a meeting with the NSSRS people and they have changed 2 field on the SPED Snapshot. 

1.  They have eliminated the Verified Disability Flag and replaced it with the Alternate Assessment Flag.  I see when I run the report that there IS a column for the Alternate Assessment Flag, however mine is blank since I have no idea where to enter information for that field.  Anyone out there know?

2.  They have added 4 new codes to the Primary Setting Code field.  However, I do not see them in the drop down for the Primary Setting Code.  Any ideas here on if PowerSchool is going to add them before this report is due or not.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!!
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I think these are included in the last Nebraska state reporting update. I have not installed it yet so I have not verified. I was told these changes will be released on September 13th with the new update.

OH!!!  Where did you see there will be a release on Sept. 13.  Was it in tech notes or something and I just missed it! 

I will check though and hopefully that will solve my dillema!

Go to Powersource/Support/Downloads/Powerschool/State reporting installers/Nebraska/nebraska state reporting 2010-04

This is the new update. It was released ont he 10th.

Greg is correct. These were indicated to be fixed in the new state report update dated 9/10.

Great, thanks guys!  I'll update and be set to go for what a week, until the NDE changes their mind again.  "Just Kiddin"  Kinda!
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