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Attendance question
I want a quick way to search for the number fo students who were absent greater

than 10 days for last school year. Any help would be appreciated. I think the

way I am going about this is not a very efficient way.
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Not sure it it is the MOST efficient way, but I export using ^(*dabs) to excel, then filter down to 10. 

Kris, can you tell me what kind of export you set up for this?   I am thinking this would be the easiest way for our new District attendance Monitor to track attendace.   I can't believe there is not a simple report and search for days greater than5 and 10.

A few options:
- run the ADA/ADM by Student while including Absences, then look through the report or paste into Excel and sort.
- Special Functions > Search by Grades/Attendance and search All Absent Codes >= 40 Periods (assuming 8 periods/day). This will allow you to create a Current Student Selection.
- If you have Custom Reports Bundle loaded, there is a similar report called Attendance Count by Student, Year & Code. You can sort by Days.

Special Functions > Search by grades/attendance

We have attendance codes the count  as absent have a 1 in the points box on the edit screen then we do a search for *attendance_points > 5 or 10 or 15 or what ever the amount of days they Principal may want.  We then print out an Attendance form letter we have created. for all the students that came up.  The letter prints the dabs code so we can verify the days with wath is on quick lookup.

I just use: lastfirst
                ^(*dabs;S1) OR ^(*dabs;S2)

Suzanne's way is a great, easy way to do it! As she said, you just have to setup the attendance points for the attendance codes. I vote for her solution.

This is not a direct answer, but I've been reading about this company over the last year (they integrate with PowerSchool and its free). We haven't implemented this yet, but it looks like they make these kinds of analytics much easier:

Has anyone actually signed up for and used Learnsprout?  Kind of looks "to good to be true"!  Would love to know more!

I'd like to know more about Learnsprout, too. Yes, it does sound too good to be true ...
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