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School Enrollment State Report
My School Enrollment report fails every time I try to run it.  I have run all other fall reports and all seems well except for School Enrollment.  Anyone else having this problem or have any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?
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My school enrollment was not pulling the 101 and 102 codes and mine failed.  It must br a powerschool issue - i changed them on s spreadsheet and it went through

What do you mean, you changed them on a spreadsheet?

Import into Excel and make the changes.  Upload that document after you have made the necessary changes.  I just entered the 101 and 102 codes and uploaded that.  Be sure the info in PowerSchool is correct. 

How to open a .csv file in Excel   Open a new file in Excel.   Data > Get External Data  (choose the file)   Import Text File   First box will have “delimited” as default so just click next   Next box you want to mark it is csv file and lined will appear separating the data   Hold down the :Shift” key and highlight all the columns.   Mark all as “text” – that will save the formatting you have selected   Click “next”   Select where you want the information to appear – the default is wherever you have your cursor at the time   Click “Finish”   The data should be in your Excel spreadsheet,   You can manipulate now wherever.   When finished – do a Save As and Put in a name you will remember.    

No, my report is failing in ReportWorks.  I never get that far.

I am having the same problem Kris, I'm not sure what to do. Guess it's time for yet another call to PS Support :( UGH

I have support working on it.  They advised to be sure I was running version 1.1.  Unfortunately, I am and it still does not work.  If I get anything useful, I will pass it along.

If you have an image server, be sure that it is updated with the new images and the new scripts. I had a similar issue and that solved it once I updated it.

I was getting "failed" every time I ran my state reports.  I was escalated to the highest level in PS Support.  They found that I had duplicate preferences for attendance in the Prefs table.  I don't know why this would cause the failure but once fixed, it worked.

I have up loaded my student report.  There is 513 records, it keeps giving me the red X because it thinks the last record 513 is blank, but it is not.  I have a call to Russ Masco with the state, but have not heard back.  Has anyone had this problem?

I had that happen on almost all of my reports. I just reopened them, deleted that line, changed the time stamp and sent it back up. It always took it the second time.

I had the same thing happening on my student and student snapshot.  I also deleted the last line and it took just fine.  I just love this time of year. 

That worked great!  Thank You!  Got it thru gate 1 did'nt pass gate 2, oh my what fun!

I don't want to delete the last line, there is data there.  Has anyone got an answer on this from NDE yet?

There may be an erroneous blank line added to the file.  Delete anything after your last line of data.

Kathy, not the last line, but the line after your last line of data. Keep in mind that it might be telling you Line 749, and your report has data in Line 749, but it's not counting the header row. It really means Line 750 of your spreadsheet.

I did that same thing.

Ok, now  race and ethnicty code(27), I put my hispanic students as WH but have errors, what am I suppose to put there?  I have Hispanic indicator as 1  Race 2 code WH.

Deleting that invisible line worked.  Thank You! :)

Did PowerSchool pull that WH into Race Code 2 or did you put it there?

"Hispanic" is an ethnicity, not a race. If they marked Yes for Hispanic and White for Race, WH goes in Race code 1. Nothing goes into Race Code 2 (or 3, or 4) unless they mark more than one Race.

OK, that is weird but the upload worked.  Is there invisable information in that blank line or something?

Not to be the stick in the mud, but I am not seeing this issue at all. The blank record is not showing on my student or snapshot. Just ran new ones this morning and all went well.

Greg, you must live better than the rest of us.

Thank you everyone for your help I made it to validation! YEAH!  Several to go!

What dates do you use?  I tried 08/27/2010-09/24/2010 - I got one record for each student.  It should also pick up my transfers out, none of them showing.  So then I used 09/24/2010 and today's date.  Got 6 records.  I am going to try just today's date and see what happens.  Any suggestions again would be great.

Well, I called PowerSchool about my School Enrollment report and they are taking it to the higher ups.  Have a good weekend everyone.

I believe this is one that has no headers - try sending without checking the box

Ok- The reason my 201 kids were not showing was because I had their dates wrong. I know this, but why I did not look at my exit dates is beyond me.  I think I do something and then realize I have not done it at all.  Always remember the system is date driven.  Say this all the time and check dates first.  Have a good Monday! :)
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