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Student Photos
I am trying to import student photos and all Powerschool is doing is cycling.  The photo never loads.  I am running 6.2.1.  Is/Has anyone had issues with uploading student photos.
4 Responses to "Student Photos"

No problems this year.  In fact even better.  I learned you can just put the lifetouch disk into your PS server and import straight from the disk.  You don't have to export them from the disk.  This is handy and makes the job much faster.

I am having problems importing only one picture at a time, sometimes the picture will take and other times it doesn't change...any suggestions...thanks.

I'm having the same problem with the staff photos. The first time I submit the photo, it fails. Second attempt works. We're hosted by Pearson. The photo import manager appears to be working fine; it's just the individual upload.

The student import worked great.  I also am having trouble loading the staff photos (they weren't set up correctly to just import).   When I put it in it doesn't change all the time for me either. 
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