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NSSRS Student Grades report
It appears to me that the Student Grades report that is due June 30th pulls information from the "Stored Grades" table.  That is fine for my 3-12 grades, however, my K-2 teachers are still using PowerGrade since they have standards based report cards.  Any simple ideas on how I should pull information for completed courses for these students? 
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At this time Pearson and the beta team are still working on the Student Grades report.

From what I understand, we do not have to send elementary grades.  Check with your NDE Rep - Matt, Russ or Rachael. 

Elementary kids have to be listed in the report but no grades are submitted.  I have pasted below the comments from the latest NSSRS documentation:

What course grade should be reported for elementary students?
Elementary students are reported with a course grade code of “0” (Not Applicable). NDE determined that grades would only be collected for courses in grades 9-12.

Kris, We are in the same boat.  What we are going to do for the lower elementary grades is just enter a grade in one subject so the report has something to pull from to tie a student to a teacher.  Since the course code for all elementary self-contained classrooms is the same, the report just needs to show one class with the one teacher.  I spoke with Matt at ESU2 during the curriculum meeting about the grades report and he said that we were on the right track.  If you have a different PE/Music teacher I would suppose you would have to enter a section for that as well.....clear as mud????
Lori Peters
Logan View

Thanks for all the comments.  Lori, I think you are correct.  That was the direction I was headed, just didn't care to!

Yes, as Bryan stated, this is still in progress. Many of the concerns that were stated her have been discussed with the beta team and Pearson. I do feel confident that they will come through with something, but the rules and expectations on this report has changed a few times. As I learn things, I will try to keep people updated as well. Either way, June is 4 months away...Scary !

Has anyone run the report yet?  When I tried it column 26 reports the Course Code Long or the NE Course Number, which is correct, but column 27 which is supposed to report the /section Code Long - School assigned course # (the number you have assigned the course plus the section number) it pulls the NE Course Number and then the section number.  I think that there are some kinks to work out on powerschool's end.  Glad the report isn't due until June.  Happy NSSR'sing to you all! 

Just in case people were not aware, there is new update to Nebraska state reports which does include an update to the student grades report. My plan is to load it up today sometime.

Can you please tell the version number of the latest student grades report.  Thank you!

Mine says 1.0

So...1.0 is the update?

I think so. I am looking to find the old version because 1.0 would make it appear like it would be the first release.

The newest version for state reports was released on 3/11/2011.

I just installed the latest version, 2011.02, published on 3/11/11. The Student Grades report shows 1.2.

Perfect, thank you so much!

SORRY! The version is still 1.0!  Dang, I got caught updating a test server which had the Beta version of the State Report already installed (version 1.2) and the current download didn't over ride it. Thanks for pointing this out Bryan Williams.

Again sorry for any inconvenience this may have cased.

Boy, is someone at PS going to be confused when they get my request to update to that version and it doesn't really exist.  LOL!  I love it!
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