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Attendance for Seniors
Our seniors get out on the 9th, and the rest of the school doesn't get out until the 18th.  How do you recommend entering attendance for those dates?  
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You can assign the seniors a track (A, B, C, D, E, or F). Can be done using Student Field Value in Functions.

Then in your Calendar Setup, deselect the Track that you assigned to them for the 10th to the 18th.

I believe NDE would say it is a "district decision" on how to handle this. Most of the schools I know have the seniors exiting PS the same day as the rest of the students, which is after the last day of school. It would be helpful to know if many schools are not handling it this way and if someone has a more definite ruling from NDE.

At the data conference I think I remember NDE stating that they take the actual attendance from the CDC where the hours are entered.  And it doesn't matter if you have your Seniors exit the same as the rest of your students.  That is how we do it in Columbus.

I believe Suzanne is right. However you choose to do it may sure your CDC matches with attendance report so that you will not get errors.

Here is an excerpt from the May 3 email from NDE:

Reporting 12th Graders in Student Summary Attendance vs. CDC

The Helpdesk continues to get questions regarding how to report 12th grade students who leave a week early.  When reporting student on the NSSRS Student Summary Attendance (SSA) template you need to report the students’ days in attendance accurately.  In the CDC Days in Session collection, districts need to report the number of days that applies to the majority of the students in that grade.
For example: The 12th grade graduating class attends 165 days, there are 5 students in 12th grade who are graduating and will attend school for 170 days.
CDC Days in Session = 165
SSA Days Absent + Days Present will = 165 for most of the class, for some it will equal 170

I've put the seniors in a track and unchecked it in the calendar setup. I've also changed the ExitCode through Student Field Value in Functions from blank to "203". Do I need to change their ExitDate to the day AFTER their last day OR their last day OR will the calendar setup be sufficient?
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