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^(*dabs) Not Working
I have an attendance letter that uses ^(*dabs) to report days absent.  It is pulling all students 1 day less absent than they should be.  Such as:  students absent 1 day pull as 0 days absent.  Students with 0 days absent as appearing with -1 day absent.  When I check my ADA/ADM report it shows the absences correctly.  I have checked my Attendance Conversion and FTE's.   It worked last year.  ANY idea what I am missing here?
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I had a similar problem last year with one of our two schools (the other one was just fine) except my ^(*dabs) request was adding two days to the total.

I was never able to figure out what the problem was as my calendars, conversions, and FTEs all looked identical from one school to the next.

To work around the issue for the one school, I ended up using date range DABS coding (i.e. ^(*dabs;08/19/2013;10/21/2013)).  That gave me the correct attendance data for reports but was a little bit of a hassle in terms of remembering to update my coding.

This year ^(*dabs) is giving me the correct results for all schools.

Check your calendar setup. I had a school that had Labor Day as 0 membership, but they forgot to uncheck the In Session box.

I encourage schools to remove the Day, Schedule, and uncheck Tracks along with In Session boxes when there is 0 membership. Easier to see that everything is cleared.

Thank you Sharon that was it!!!  Only I had 1 day marked as in session and membership of 0 because we changed the date for parent teacher conferences and I just didn't change it correctly! 
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