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Student Summary Attendance Report
Has anyone else had problems running the Student Summary Attendance report?  When I try to run the report, the report queue under the "started" tab it says N/A and the status is "pending".  I phoned support this morning and the recording said that JAVA was creating a problem with ReportWorks and Gradebook and referred me to Article 70834.  I hadn't heard of any talk on the airways about problems with running this report so just thought I would ask if anyone else was experiencing this.  Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried restarting reportworks services on your server.

We are hosted....I will contact them and give that a try.  Thanks!


Just go to District > System > System Setting and Reset Server.  May take just a few minutes but should take care of your problem.

At District > System > System Settings > Reset Server, you only need to run the Restart the OLAP tomcat service (includes ReportWorks).

Thanks a million...that did the trick!  You guys are best.
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