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Student Attending a Rule 18 School
We are a bit confused about the reporting responsibility for a student attending a Rule 18 School.  This student is an option in student at our district.  He was sent to Madison in April of 2013 and finished the school year there.  In July he was enrolled in Morton School-Whitehall Campus, a Rule 18 school in Lincoln.

At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year I was told to report him as transferred out as he was attending Morton in Lincoln (at that time no one here apparently realized Morton was a Rule 18 school) 

NeSA testing came along and guess what, the NDE thinks we are responsible for him once again.  According to Ginger at the NDE Helpdesk the Who Reports What documentation students attending Rule 18 school are to be reported by the District of Residence not the last District of Membership.

Have any of you run into this situation and how do you handle these students?  Thanks for any guidance. 
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We ran into this situation a couple of years ago.  As long as the student was in your district when he was placed in rule 18 school, you are responsible for all of his reporting.  You are also responsible for all of his testing including Terra Nova, MAP, NeSA. 

Some Rule 18 School do the state reporting and some do not, you will have to check with that school.

Thank you so much!  I think!  LOL!

We have quite a few students that are at Rule 18 Schools.  We created a entry code for own use that is R18 so we can find these students the NDE entry code value is 100 for still enrolled but it is easier for us to search and find and then make sure we get them tested.

Great idea, thank you Suzanne.  1 more question that I'm not sure you can answer.  I unenrolled him at the beginning of this school year as I was told to do.  It has not come up until now that he really is our student.  I uploaded a Student and Student Enrollment template to the NSSRS but ovbiously cannot upload a Student Snapshot as that window has long since closed.  Can you think of anything else I can do to rectify this problem?  Or do you think it will just work out by the end of the year when I upload all EOY templates.  I have a feeling something is going to pop up that says HEY he wasn't on you Snapshot!!!  this is wrong!

The student snapshot serves the function of providing the fall enrollment numbers. For special education, it provides the Fall child count. I believe that as long as you have a student record with a school enrollment record you'll be okay. Your assessment scores unique NSSRS Number for this student will be cross-referenced with the Student and School Enrollment records.

Maurice is correct as long as you have put in a student and and enrollment record for the student you will be fine.  You just did not get the count for dollars for having him on the Snapshot.  Oh well,  it has happened to us too.  You can not catch everything.  That is why there are validation reports that the Superintendent and others are suppose to be checking, you upload the data it is up to others to help verify it is correct.

Thank you both!  That makes me feel better!  And Thank you Suzanne for that reminder that I should not be the only one responsible for all of this data.

Well, now I have another question.  Should this students grades be included on our NSSRS Grades report?  Or are they not included since they were not completed here?

You will need to get grades for that student from the R18 School.  We then used a teacher that was our Alt Ed type of teacher last year but I think I remember that you don't have to have a teacher on your STAFF template for this year if they are not working at your district and they can be on your Grades template.  Does that ring a bell with any one else?

OK, that makes sense.  I will treat his grades from the R18 school just like Career Academy grades.  I have the grades the teacher names and NDE id's and will enter them as such.  Thank you again!
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