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    code in Form Letters
I realize my html skills are pretty rusty, but I should be able to get a simple list to work in Reports  > Setup > Form Letters. I'm trying to use the <ol><li></li></ol> codes in a simple letter. Any chance these codes don't work with the Form Letters in Reports?? TIA.
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    code in Form Letters"

Hi.  I tried these codes and was able to get the desired result.
This was on both version 7.11.1 and 8.0.0.

Maurice du Preez
Hampton Public School

OK. Just need to figure out where my error is. Thanks for trying it, Maurice. :-)

What does your code look like?

This is what I tried earlier with the html codes you are using and it produced the desired results:


Grade: 4

What kind of list are you setting up?

Here's my code:

  <li>Open an Internet browser ...</li>
  <li>Enter the address ....</li>
  <li>Select the ....</li>

I'm trying to set up an ordered list (1, 2, 3, etc.) in a Form Letter. The <ol> and <ul> codes don't work. From the <ol> code you used, the results should be:

1. Name: Jones, Tom
2. Grade: 4

Even using the closing tags </li> on each line doesn't work. Must be something with object reports and <ol> and <ul> code. 

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