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DAT code for object report - HELP
I just can't figure this out.  Have spent hours trying.  On an object report for our High School report card I am trying to use a DAT to pull a percentage if there is a stored percent and nothing if there is not a stored grade for that period.  

This is what I am using -
^(;3(A); S1;percent;; 3(A);S1;percent.blank)^(;3-4(A);S1; percent;;3-4(A);S1; percent.blank)

If there is nothing stored it pulls a zero and I am wanting a blank.  Any ideas?

Bev Lauby
1 Response to "DAT code for object report - HELP"

I think that if you put a semicolon-space-parenthesis rather than the DAT code it will work. 

^(;3(A);S1;percent;;3(A);S1; )^(;3-4(A);S1;percent;;3-4(A);S1; )
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