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Importing Staff Demographic and Assignment info
Does anyone export, update and import Staff Demographic and Staff Assignment info?  If so what table to you import into or more generally how do you import this information.  I have tried several imports, PowerSchool looks like it import correctly but when I check the individual records nothing has updated.    Thanks for any ideas!!!
4 Responses to "Importing Staff Demographic and Assignment info"

Make sure your TeacherNumber's are correct. If one is wrong, the whole import will fail. It wont identify the incorrect line in red, but it might put in UNKNOWN STAFF. Other fields with incorrect data could cause the import to fail. 

I import one record to make sure I have the format correct. You could divide and conquer by trying to import half of the records and if that doesn't work, take half of the half, and keep going till you find the bad records.

OK, I'll try that!  Thanks Wayne!!!

What table to you import into for each template?

You can import into the Teacher table. It really isn't a true table b/c it is a visible summary of the SchoolStaff table and Users table, but PS allows you to import to it and then the data populates the other tables. 
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