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PTP Invalid grade scales
I am putting grades in and I keep getting the message that "An invalid grade scale exists for at least one class or standard. Contact your administrator to correct the grade scale configuration before saving scores." I've looked, but I'm not sure what I need to change. Some of my teachers have this, and some do not.  I've tried to check the grade scale in both course and section to make sure they match, but it is time consuming, even for a little district like ours to go through every single one.  Suggestions?
1 Response to "PTP Invalid grade scales"

I just fixed this for our Elementary Grade Scale. Look in District>District>Gradescales. I had a yield sign on the one affected. Click the pencil and in the Cutoff column, make the low grade = 0. We had a "U" have a low of an 80 and a teacher gave a kid a 50 and would get that message and not save. I made it a zero and all was good.
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