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Grade Rounding
I need assistance, yet again!  My students have two different grades listed on their quick look ups.  as you can see, for the most part, it isn't a big deal...but I would like to fix what ever the heck I have wrong.  Can anyone help me?  grade rounding.JPG
2 Responses to "Grade Rounding"

You have a grade scale that is set up with a number in the letter grade setup AND the cutoff percent. Your teachers have their gradebook set up to use one or two decimal places.

When you stored, it stored the percentage with the decimal places but is also stored the "Grade" value which is the corresponding number.

You can suppress the letter grade or the percent grade so the quick lookup screen only displays one value. That is found in the School Setup>Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup>Select the term and check the box of the one you want to suppress.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help!
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