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e-Funds for Schools
We will begin using E-Funds for schools this year.  If there is anyone out there that has rolled this out before could you please share with me how you got the student numbers out to the parents so they could create accounts? 

Thank you for your help!
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While it doesn't do much for the tree population, I print a hardcopy parent letter (created a form letter in PowerSchool for that so the fields can be filled automatically) for each student that contains information on setting up eFunds and PowerSchool parent accounts.

The letter includes the student number for eFunds account purposes and Access IDs and Passwords for PowerSchool account purposes.  We get most of those handed out at our open house prior to the start of school and send home the rest with kids on the first day of school.  That works well for us as a K-8 school but might be a little less successful for high school kids (generally lower attendance for open house events and kids generally more lackadaisical about taking stuff home).

OK, thank you!  I was afraid that was the answer. Was trying to rack my brain trying to figure out a way to add all students in a family to one letter, but I am not smart enough to do that.  MAYBE there is still someone out there that is!    Hope....Hope!!!!

You can learn from what didn't work for me: Sent an email blast to parents about E-Funds and told them how to find the student number in the PowerSchool parent portal. Turns out parents don't like to log into PowerSchool when they can call someone to give them the number over the phone. Ray's letter is likely to be more successful, but I don't have any letters that pull all students from the same family. We only hand out the letter to freshman and new student parents. (We're a high school only.)

Thanks Jane,

Where do you see the student number in the parent portal?

If you have E-Registration installed, you'll find the student number at the top of the E-Registration screen, after the student name. So, obviously, you have to purchase E-Registration to see it. I wish PowerSchool included the student number on every screen, next to the name.
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