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How to fix Error 718 in Adviser Validation
Good Afternoon,
There was a new flag turned on by NDE today that has triggered an error that several are seeing.

So basically it means that on the student’s state/province-NE page>enroll option status CANNOT be blank.

Attached is a video that shows how to mass fill, the steps are also listed below:
From start page:
Search bar: NE_EnrollOptionStatus= (blank)
Go to function box (bottom right corner)
Select student field value
Field to change= NE_EnrollOptionStatus
New field value = 0
Hit submit
Hit submit again


8 Responses to "How to fix Error 718 in Adviser Validation"

And Why did we need this check??Everyone is scrambling to get all their information in before the due date and 4 days before things are due we have yet another error thrown at us.  Maybe a better way to do that would have been to wait until after the 15th.  We were down to 3 errors that we were working on and then to our surprise we have over 300 errors with no explanation on what was needed.  We did the mass fill and we still have over 190 errors for the same thing.  We pride ourselves on being pretty much error free and we realize this is a new year but to add errors to our reporting on the last couple of days is really very discouraging and I am sure we aren't the only district that feels this way.

I did the above steps stated by Ellie. This is didn't fix my errors. I also tried to publish all records in ADVISER and this did not fix the errors either. Any other ideas?
Bev Lauby

You also need to run that with a forward slash in front to get your transferred out students. We still had lots of errors last night, but it looks like the overnight process cleaned most of them up.

When I did the fix yesterday I had 72 errors, now I have 67. The students that are showing this error are students that have been in school here for years.  I could see this affecting new students, but why is it messing with students we have retained?

It would be nice if they went through PS and gave us all a list of fields that cause normal errors so we can mass check our systems.

I have 1 student with error 718 and his option status is filled in but it will not correct.

The state sent out a bogus email last Friday about food services, but couldn't send one for this?? It's annoying. If it HAD to be set to 0, we could have had it done ages ago.

Two things:
1. As Peggy stated above you need to include inactive kids or kids that left at any point this year. 

2. PowerSchool and NDE are aware of  this and working on a resolution but just wanted everyone to be aware:
The residence/enrollment status is NOT pulling for the reenrollment record (similar to what happened with reporting school).  Right after we were done with our meeting a district who had marked all the records with the 0- not applicable option was still getting the error on a single student.  That student has 2 enrollment records, the first(the current) is publishing the residents status, the second (past record) is not, even though the override for enrollment status has been updated.  

This made Hastings jump up to over 3,500 school enrollment errors & now in my PS we have a massive amount of dependencies I have to comb through.

I had been working with Max to get 950 dependencies fixed in our PS fixed and now there is a new factor messing things up.   

This is working ..?? 
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