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Post School Survey
Can anyone clue me in on the "Post School Survey".  Do you use PowerSchool for this or just create your own template?

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Not sure.  I think that we will be able to do it through PowerSchool.  There are drop boxes on one of the NE pages (student  info) about post school activities, but I don't see a report up yet.

I believe the report is being developed.  When I hear more I will try to post information here.

I went ahead and submitted my report Monday. I used the template instructions to set up a spreadsheet.  It was very simple and I feel great having 1 report (however small in comparison, it's only 9 columns) done and out of the way!

Thanks so much for the responses.  Rhonda, any chance of sending me your template?  I would REALLY, REALLY appreciate it!

Hi Kris,
I too submitted my report already.  I used the template on the portal site.  Go to the NSSRS Secured Information site - Home Project page - Documents.  There you will find the template.  You can also access who you need to report on for the Post School Survey by changing the date on the validation screen to 6-30-08 and scroll down to post graduate activity.  There it will give you a list of students that you reported as concentrators last year.  You only have to report  on these students.  Good luck....and happy reporting!
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