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Scheduling Quarter Classes in a School set up on Semesters
Our high school is set up on semesters, not quarters.  We have some classes that are year long, and others that are semesters.  We need to set up a couple classes on quarters.   Can I do this?
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Our High School doesn't use Quarter's either but we still define them in the Years & Terms and in final grade setup.  That way we could store grades at Quarters or not.  It kind of sets up a breaking point so you can use it or not use it.

Hope this helps

thanks, we'll give it a try!

Joan, this can be done when setting up the course information on the scheduler would select this as the valid term for the class...
From the Powerschool Admin Start Page click on Powerscheduler then click on courses, then click on the course you want to set as a quarter class, then under preferences you can set the vaild terms.  Another way may be to follow all of those directions but click on sections rather than preferences, select the section and then edit the valid term for that course.

Dustn Favinger Cozad
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