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NSSRS Enrollment Report
What dates should I use to run the Enrollment Report?  If I use the beginning of school and 6-30-09 I don't pick up any exit codes.  If I use the beginning of school and the last day I only get entry records no exit records.

I'm pretty sure it is always this time of year I think about looking for a new job!
3 Responses to "NSSRS Enrollment Report"

For enrollment, use the first day students were enrolled for this year as the start date and the the last day of school for the end date.  You should pick up all your students then.  You will not have exit enrollment records unless a student transfers or left thru the year. 

When done with all your reports, send in one more report with just your seniors and graduate them.  If you "graduate" them too early in the process and move them into the graduated school, you can't access them anymore since they won't be currently enrolled.

For the Snapshot, use the last day of school for the start date and 6-30-09 for the snapshot date.

Thank you so much Graci.  Do you know if I could just do a "Change student field value" to set the seniors exit date and exit code on the original report?

What many are doing is using the same enrollment report, deleting all student records except seniors, and changing the enrollment activity date to the last day of school and the exit code to 203.
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