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School enrollment/EOY Process
Does the end of school year process need to be run before you can do the school enrollment report?
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5 Responses to "School enrollment/EOY Process"

You don't want to do EOY process until you have done all your NSSRS reports. If you did EOY, your students would be rolled up to the next grade, which would throw things off.

No,  you just have to remember to graduate your seniors.  You can do this by selecting your seniors in the drop down box select transfer out.  Remember to use the last day of school not the graduation date.  And select the 203 if they are all completers.  When you run the end of year process you can then move them to Graduate School.  This is what I was told to do, I have not done it yet, I have other reports to get done.  There is so much to remember to do before you can get one thing done.

So should I just do a student field value change to get them an exit code?

It was weird, because my rural school students, who were done on the 8th, had an activity date show up, but no exit code.

To get your seniors to graduate status, you just select all 12th graders, click on the function drop down menu and select "Transfer Out of School". Then enter the day after the last day of the seniors and select the exit code that indicates Graduated/203.

Nobody else needs an exit code? At the Data Conference in Kearney last month, they said that if a student changed buildings (like elementary to middle school, or middle to high school) they needed a 200 code: Transfer out - intra-district.
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