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NSSRS Programs Fact Report
Does anyone have a template to import info for the Programs Fact Report that they are willing to share, or help me with fields to create one?
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Hi Kris,
You can go to the portal and download the Programs Fact Report template.  They have all of the report templates on their site. Go to the NSSRS Secured Information tab - Project Home Page - Documents - then scroll way down.  They have all of the templates there. 
Hope this helps....happy reporting!
Logan View

Thank you! 

My Programs Fact report keeps coming out blank, with no records.  I know it is just a step I must be missing, but I'm tired....ha.  Any ideas?

When that happened to me, it was because the dates I used for the report were not right.  Maybe it will be that easy!

Thanks, I'll try that!

Poweschool is coded to only pull the Perkins Data if the special programs is called Career Education. There is an article on Powerschool Knowledgebase 51846 that addresses the programs and the program names.

Hello.   Our middle school needs to set up a split period for 5th grades, where some days they go to art and some to music.  Has anyone done something similar to this?  Did you share a gradebook, or set up periods to accomodate this?  Thanks...
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