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This email is being sent to all PowerSchool districts.  The latest PowerSchool update has been released and does fix several issues.   However, there are some fields in PowerSchool that districts must update in order to successfully publish their Student and Student Enrollment data. 

The Reporting School 
This field  must be filled out for ALL students including students who transferred out during this school year i.e. summer transfers, and students in your non-public or services schools. 

The field is found on the State/Province – NE Student information page
Start Page > Student Selection > Nebraska State Information > Nebraska Student Information

You will need to enter in your 9 digit (no hyphens) district/school number in this field.  For example Waverly High School would enter 550145001 in this field for all their High School students.

Here is a link to a short video on how to mass update your Reporting School Information

The English Learner (EL)
 The English Proficiency field will also need to be updated as well.  Here is another quick video on how to search and mass update those students.

If you have not done so already please register for an ADVISER workday.

If you have any additional questions please work with your PowerSchool support 
cooperative or open a ticket with NDE at

Aimee Muehling 
Nebraska PowerSchool Cooperative
NebPS HelpDesk:
Office phone: 402-223-5277
Cell phone: 402-525-0698
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I want to make sure I understand the EL part first before I make mass changes... Currently all students enrolled at any time since the beginning year date need to be marked 11,12,13, or 14 in the field S_NE_STU_LEP_X.English_Prof

Current EL learners (receiving services) will be marked 11.  Students who have never been EL will be marked 14.  

Question of the day... we have students who still have this field set with 02, 03, 04, etc from previous years.  If we've updated ALL of our current EL students to 11, this means that any student with mark less than 11 should be marked as 13 (Reclassified as English Fluent) , shouldn't it?  

I didn't everything Amy said to do and my students are still not publishing.  Anyone else have any luck?
Bev Lauby

All mine finally published with zero errors or dependencies.  Try running all reports again from the top down. 

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I know I'm doing something wrong. I'm trying to import PSAT 9 test scores from a .txt file with Student_Number, Grade_Level, Test_Date and 3 scores. The test record for PSAT 9 gets created for the student, but the scores are empty.

I switched to the term 2015-16 for scores with a test date of 10/01/2015. I'm in the only school, not District. I'm mapping the fields. Any idea what I could be doing incorrectly? TIA!

Jane Campbell
Needy PS Admin
Marian High School
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The headings for your scores must have _1for num,_2for percent, _3for alpha  So if you have reading and want the score in the NUM column heading must be Reading_1
If you have Math and want it in the Percent (Middle) Column it would be Math_2  and anything in Alpha Column would be anything_3  


That was it. Thanks, Suzanne! I thought since I was mapping it over to the "Num" option, I didn't need to worry about that. :-)

The _1 stuff changed in the last few years it use to not matter so I had the same issue you were having.  That is why I knew how to fix it.

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If you import PSAT scores into PowerSchool, do you separate out the tests by grade level? For example, PSAT_9, PSAT_10, PSAT_11. Right now, I just have PSAT and was planning to import multiple copies of the PSAT with different dates. That's how I do it with ACT. But is the PSAT a different test for each grade level?? I'm new to importing test data. TIA.

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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OK ... I've decided to create separate PSAT tests for each grade. Now I'm wondering: can I use the same Test Results names for each test? Can I use the same "Math_Sec_Score" for PSAT_9, PSAT_10 and PSAT_11? Don't they get assigned to specific tests during the import?

I use the same score names for my NWEA Winter and Fall tests with out a problem so I would say Yes.

Suzanne Stevenson
Columbus Public

Great! Thanks, Suzanne. :-)

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Is there a way to suppress letter grades for assignment scores? We want letter grades to show for the final/term grade in Quick Lookup but I have 2 teachers requesting letter grades be suppressed for individual assignment scores. They just want the score and percentage to show. I'm told students stress out too much when they see an F on a five-point assignment. Is this even possible? TIA

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
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I just got the banner notice that my server will be updated to PS 12 on Sunday. Anyone else seeing this?

I've submitted a support case and turned off auto-updating on my server. But I thought PowerSchool would NOT auto-update you to PS 12 until you specifically requested it. Aren't they still supporting updates to PS 11?

We just installed a new registration forms package that isn't PS 12-ready, plus we're nowhere near ready for PS 12. =:-0

Jane Campbell
Omaha Marian
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PowerLunch 2nd Transactions is having an Issue

We were serving 2nd lunches and noticed we are not receiving a second transaction warning.  

We have a contracted PowerSchool Tech who thinks the issue is in BATCHES - 2nd transactions are going into different batches and all being recorded as 1st transactions.

With this, we cannot be alerted to a 2nd lunch or search for 2nd lunches & if we get audited we cannot find the 2nd transactions.

This was not an issue last year or in prior years.  

There are times that cashiers have to log out of their machines or go fix something and a new batch starts.   For example today... a computer crashed and the cashier had to log into a different machine.  

And we have multiple lines and a student can go do a different cashier for the 2nd transaction & the cashiers do not have to stay logged into the same batch during the entire time we serve meals.

PowerSchool said:   this is a known issue and it has been targeted for a release which would be the next patch, I do not have a release date but it should be soon.

Kristy Kennedy
SIS Data Coordinator
Hastings Public Schools
Hastings NE 68901
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Many districts have seen this and there are lots of cases submitted. But we have only seen this on servers running version 12.

Has anyone seen this on a non-version 12 server?

I'm pretty sure we're seeing the issue on PS 11.0.5. We just purchased Marcia Brenner Cafe plugin but I'm pretty sure it indicated a second purchase back when we saw the demo. No 2nd Transaction notifications are showing now.

It doesn't seem to be happening with schools that use A La Carte.

Other wonderful things that are happening: you can't record a transaction for a different day; on the serve lunch/breakfast page, the Last 10 transactions link only shows 1; the total sales page can't add, numbers are off from actual sales.

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We have been using PowerSchool for 18 years and have always used Log Entries for discipline.  Now the state is requiring us to go to Incident Management.  Does anyone have any advice, gotchas, tips, etc. for changing?  I am not looking forward to this, especially training our Admin on doing things a new way.

Thanks for any help,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Public Schools
Lexington, NE
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I believe that if you attend an ADVISER workshop you will be able to get help with this. 

I plan on attending ADVISER work days but my concern is our school starts Aug. 13th and our ESU work day is not until Sept. 27th.

PowerSchool will be hosting a Zoom training session on Aug 22nd.  You should get a tech note notice soon with the time etc.  That will provide an overview and how too. 


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Is anyone else getting a Duplicate Migration Report Error on their PowerSchool?  I have looked at the article on how to fix it and I just can't seem to figure out what the real error is.  Is this something that needs to be fixed before school begins?  
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Hmmm. I haven't see this error. Where is it appearing? What version of PS are you on? I'm still on 11.0.5.

We are 11.0.5 also and the error is on the top of my page when I log in.

Yes, we are seeing this red banner across the top of our PS also.  Version 12.0.1

When I click on the report it says:
The following state custom fields have been duplicated in the U_SchoolStaffUserFields extension from the S_NE_USR_X table.

I have 10 staff fields.

I was a bit confused by the KB article 81115 instructions.

- I do not know if the correct data is in the S_* table or U_* table (per KB article)

I put a help ticket in with PS but I have not heard anything back  yet.

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We recently purchased SchoolForms through Phoenix Learning. Anyone else using this plugin for online registration? 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
Tags: plugins
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Our registrar is attempting to break up a few very large study halls into smaller sections. Since you can't mass unenroll students from a course section, this will be a long, tedious process for her. I found a post on PSUG from 2006 that said you can just delete a course section and everyone in that section will be dropped from the course. Then you can re-create sections and mass enroll students.

This seems too easy and like it would leave orphan files. Has anyone done this? Can you just delete the section form the Edit Section screen? (School Setup > Section > Edit Section > Delete Section).

Or do I delete the section through DDA? (DDA > CC table > SectionID=### >  Modify Records > Delete section)

Is there a better way to unenroll about 160 students from course sections? Anything to avoid one-by-one modify schedule option!


Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha, NE

Tags: DDAScheduling
2 Responses to "Can you delete a section with students enrolled in it?"

We had a similar situation last year, Jane. Here is the method we used to handle moving the student enrollments fairly quickly (deleting the section wasn’t an option for us as the term had already started; I would be concerned about ghost enrollments in your situation and advise against deleting the section with students enrolled):
Create all of the needed sections so they are ready to enroll students.
Then from the large section page that lists all of the students use the checkboxes to select a group of students needing moved to a specific section. Use the Drop and re-enroll button to move the group of students together to the correct section. Repeat this drop and re-enroll with each group of students from the original large section until it is down to only one of the smaller sections.
Good luck!

That looks very easy. Thanks, Amanda! :-)

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