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Does anyone know if I can change the way Standards are displayed in PowerTeacher Pro.  I would like to see the Name of the standard rather than the Identifier.  Thank you!
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Does anyone know why my High School teachers cannot see all terms.  They only see S1, Q1 and Q2.  Elementary teachers see all terms.  Thanks!
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Hastings Public Schools, Hastings Ne is seeking applicants for PowerSchool Admin.  See link below.

12 Month - Full Time position

Salary based on experience and education
Must pass background check
Benefits package available, includes fully paid BCBS Health Insurance
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Also posted to Hastings Tribune.

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We have a new Elementary Secretary/Lunch person starting this year.  Does anyone have a "Quick Start" training guide for this?  All I can find on PowerSource is from version 6!  Just thought if someone had something I would not try to reinvent the wheel.  Thanks!
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I am new to my district as well.  It would be helpful to have an easy to use guide.

I might be putting one together for myself.  If I get it done, I will share it.

Thank you Coleen!  I created an entire binder of training material for the last girl 3 years ago and was hoping to be able to just update that, but she seems to have taken it with her!  Go figure!

LOL, well mine will be a google doc, so much easier to forward.  

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NWEA has changed the roster template to align with ADVISER (I think, I'm just guessing that's why). The first column has to be the district-school number. I know how to pull the district number and the school number, but does anyone know how to get that whole thing?

Valentine Elementary would need to be 16-0006-002. I could make separate templates for each building and just have that go in as "if blank print this", but I'm trying to come up with something more generic.

Thanks in advance!
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We use an if/then statement to pull the three digit location code in an export template:


You could adjust that to report the entire district-location.

I hope this helps.

I'll try that! Thanks!!

It worked!! Woo hoo!!!!

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We will begin using E-Funds for schools this year.  If there is anyone out there that has rolled this out before could you please share with me how you got the student numbers out to the parents so they could create accounts? 

Thank you for your help!
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While it doesn't do much for the tree population, I print a hardcopy parent letter (created a form letter in PowerSchool for that so the fields can be filled automatically) for each student that contains information on setting up eFunds and PowerSchool parent accounts.

The letter includes the student number for eFunds account purposes and Access IDs and Passwords for PowerSchool account purposes.  We get most of those handed out at our open house prior to the start of school and send home the rest with kids on the first day of school.  That works well for us as a K-8 school but might be a little less successful for high school kids (generally lower attendance for open house events and kids generally more lackadaisical about taking stuff home).

OK, thank you!  I was afraid that was the answer. Was trying to rack my brain trying to figure out a way to add all students in a family to one letter, but I am not smart enough to do that.  MAYBE there is still someone out there that is!    Hope....Hope!!!!

You can learn from what didn't work for me: Sent an email blast to parents about E-Funds and told them how to find the student number in the PowerSchool parent portal. Turns out parents don't like to log into PowerSchool when they can call someone to give them the number over the phone. Ray's letter is likely to be more successful, but I don't have any letters that pull all students from the same family. We only hand out the letter to freshman and new student parents. (We're a high school only.)

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Just upgraded from 10.1x to 11.0.1, had also attemped an upgrade to  All cases produced the following problem:

Upgrade install proceeds normally and successfully.  Starting PS service results in the PowerSchool Message service quitting and the following message in the PS Monitor:  ERROR PSLog - Unable to connect to the Application Message Service at tcp://x.x.x.x:61616. PowerSchool will continue to attempt the connection for the next 5 minute(s).

The next schema update seems to complete, but a restart of the services brings you right back to the same place, with the same schema update.

Found a solution on PowerSource at

The article states that the kahadb database isn't getting verified, with kills the message service.  The solution is to rename the kahadb folder and start services, which generates a new kahadb.  There is a warning that other connected subscription services such as EdFi may not receive messages from PS, and that a full sync may be required.

I haven't checked on EdFi yet, but this did solve my problem.  Just wanted to share in case anyone else runs into this when upgrading to PS 11.0.x.  Not sure if this affects hosted users.

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I had the same issue it was the  Kahabd folder I called support and they renamed the kahadb folder.  Here is the ticket info Suzanne and I were able to resolve the issue by shutting down all PowerSchool services, renaming the kahadb folder, and starting the services. We verified that no errors were in the logs and the startup was successful.

It also worked for me.


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Anyone else going to PSUG in Las Vegas in two weeks? :-)

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
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Yes I will be there. Riding my motorcycle out nad then taking a fews days or weeks(wish) to get back. Might come back to NE through Seattle via OR to visit friends. 

Motorcycle sounds fun! I'll be flying ... just hope it's not too hot for the plane to land. :-D

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To Kristy Kennedy:

I couldn't create a comment to your entry so started a new one. For UNL staff, use 00-0000 for the Controlling District Code.

Taken from the NSSRS Student Manual "Provide the literal “00-0000” if the NDE Staff ID [Student Grades:Evaluator 1 Staff ID (7)] provided is a staff person from an agency that does not report staff data to NDE (i.e., post secondary or contracted service providers). "

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Thank you Sharon!  :)

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I had a request from my superintendent that is beyond my PowerSchool knowledge.  He wants to know average class sizes by teacher by building for the 16-17 school year.  I can’t find any reports that would do this.  Any help is appreciated.

Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools

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If you have SQL Reports installed there is an Enrollment by section report that may work for you.

You could use the Master Schedule and change the preferences to show all teachers, all periods, all rooms, all days and show in list form.  A little "bulky" but would get you the information.

If you are familiar with DDA, there was an article on Powersource that helped with pulling that information.

Narrowing your search using the term id and school id you can export the following:


I believe it was article id 7899 - hope that will help!

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