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Where do I find the Parent Portal Settings for the Enhanced Parent Portal?  Thanks, I know this is just tooooooo simple, I just can't find the page.
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Oh for heavens sake!!!!!   As soon as I posted this I found it!!!!!  TGIF!!!!!

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Hey ... will there be a spring NEPSUG meeting in April this year? The day before NETA?
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We are not planning on having a NEPSUG meeting in April.  There was a request to have the Conference in the Fall instead of the Spring so that was the October Conference.

There is a multi State conference in Manhattan Kansas on April 3-5 some of the NESPUG members will be there as presenters and there will be presenters from PowerSchool and other power users.

It is a 3 day conference but you can attend as many days as you want.  Wayne did post information on it a few months ago.

Thanks for the response, Suzanne. Darn! Couldn't make the meeting last fall and can't do the one in Manhattan. :-( If anyone's here for NETA and wants to get together for "PowerDrinks," let me know ...

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Is anyone else signed up for the National PSUG event in Las Vegas in July? I signed up for the early bird discount in December. I received a generic "your registration was received" but haven't received an invoice. Does anyone know if they will send an invoice (my PO is getting dusty)? Also, will they let me know when the hotel is accepting reservations or do I need to keep checking the website? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
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I went last year and loved it!! It is done very well done and learned allot by being just as good as PSU, but a lot cheaper. They know how to have fun. The invoice was not sent till like May I think and then Hotel was Apr/May too. Once you find out the hotel, you might be able to go to the hotel website and put in the group name (PSUG or PSUG17??) and get it that way. 

Thanks, Gary. I'm looking forward to the conference! :-)

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NSSRS folks,

We have noticed an issue with the Student Grades report when a student has stored grades for a dropped section. In this case the record on the report will have a blank Staff ID, the PS course number will be in the CourseCodeLong field instead of the State’s course number (Alternate Course Code field) and the SectionCodeLong field will contain the SectionID of the Section’s table record, not the section number. The SectionCodeLong issue may not cause a problem, but the issue with the Staff ID and CourseCodeLong will cause errors with the State. The good news is this report isn’t due for a few more months and we’re sure there will be a fix fairly soon.

For your reference, there have been two cases submitted to PowerSource on this issue, #02732523 and #02732799.
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I wanted to let everyone know that I called PowerSchool support to let them know that in the CRDC screen, the field asking about if the student is served under the IDEA program is not working.
I populated the field and it acted like it saved but it did not.  Another state had reported this same issue earlier in the day but now they know Nebraska is not working either.  Hope knowing this saves others some frustration.  Hopefully, it will be corrected in the next update.
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Is there a way to pull students who have no course requests? TIA

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Just found a PowerScheduler report (Student Request Tally) that lists all students and the number of courses and credits they are requesting. Does anyone  have a sqlReports4 that would pull this info, by any chance? TIA

P.S. Please don't tell me you all have the day off!! ;-)

I found a code to use to search it is *hours_requested < 1
You can put what ever number to find students that have some but not enough.

I looked at my sql4 reports and did not see one for power scheduler.  I have a couple reports for incomplete schedules but noting for requests. 
We are working in Columbus!!!!

Yes, on the live side, I set the term to 17-18 then search *currenthours_requested

There is also a *hours_requested but I've never used that one. Not sure why....

From PowerSource article 7671

(PowerScheduler) Requested Credit Hours in Scheduling Year
Format: *hours_requested[operator][number]

(Live Side) Requested Credit Hours in Current Year
Format: *currenthours_requested[operator][number]


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What programs do you use for lunch balance collection?  Does this accept debit/credit cards that the parent can pay on-line with?  What about ACH debit?  What about other fees than lunches?
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We've been using eFunds for Schools for the past several years and are very happy with it.

Parents can deposit money to lunch accounts (eFunds syncs with PowerSchool so online deposits show up pretty much instantly in PowerSchool) and to pay sports registration fees.  As far as I know, there is no limit (other than what the school might have) on the types of fees which could be set up in eFunds.

Parents can pay by debit/credit card (charged a convenience fee of $2.65 per $100 transaction value) or via ACH (charged a $1.00 convenience fee per transaction regardless of amount or how many different fees/deposits are made in a single transaction).  By having parents pay the convenience fee, eFunds doesn't cost the school anything other than some sort of annual maintenance fee ($170 or some such amount).

Reporting options available on the administrative side of eFunds meet our needs and are relatively easy to use.

I like the thought of it tying in to PowerSchool, and that it shows up there.  Seems like it would be a lot less work than just accepting a debit/credit card then having to go through and post info each day.

+ 1 for E-funds. This is our first year with it and we've been happy with how easily it works with PowerSchool. A couple of parents complained about the hassle last fall but we tell them to continue sending checks, if they preferred. 

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Does anyone else think PowerSchool is running VERY SLOOOWWWLLLYYY?  We are on 10.1.1 and the last 2 days it just takes forever to respond to anything.
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We haven't noticed any slowness today. The attendance secretary said PowerSchool was a little slow yesterday afternoon but nothing like you are describing. We are 10.1.1 and hosted.

No districts have mentioned any slowness to us here at ESU 10.

We have been slow.  Yesterday and today.  We went down for a fews hours then after it came back up it has been slow.

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I just stored grades, and some of the classes that don't take grades (i.e. Interventions) that are showing zeroes.  What do I do to get this to not show zeroes?  
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Go to the course setup page for affected courses and check the Exclude from Storing Grades option.

To delete the ones you already stored, go into DDA, go to the stored grades table, and enter a search string for the date stored, equals, {blank}; to get the blank, just hit the space bar once in that text entry field.

That will pull up the offending stored grades and you can delete them.

Thank you!!!!!

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