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I'm having issues where I can only use Ed-Fi if my customizations is turned off.  Has anyone else had this issue and have you found the solution?
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You have modified the file that displays the admin start page navigation menu. That file is admin_nav_menu_left_css.txt and it is located in the Wildcard folder. You will need to delete the customized file. This could stop customizations that you currently use. Common customizations that modify this file are OneStopAttendance and automated calling programs, such as Alert Solutions. Any correctly made new customization uses page fragments and doesn't modify existing files, so pages are not broken when PS updates a page. 

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All Power School Users, 
Please note there will be a PowerSchool session on Monday, April 16th at the NDE Data Conference from 4pm-5pm in Crystal 4.  Tuarab from PowerSchool will be there to introduce the new Incident Management update and answer any other questions you may have regarding ADVISER and/or State Reporting.  Other state Power School experts will also be on hand to answer questions and help. 
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Is anyone using the PowerSchool SPED module?  I am seeking feedback whether good or not happy with it.
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The registrar accidentally enrolled a student into the wrong school. We have an Admissions school where we are enrolling all new students for next year. They will be transferred to our main school at EOY. This student was enrolled into our current school, has an enroll_status of -1 and entry date is 8/17/2018. She has no course requests and the only record I can find in DDA is in the Students table. Can I just change her SchoolID field in DDA > Students table to the correct school? TIA.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School / Omaha
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The fields you need to change are

That is what I do


Thanks, Suzanne!

You will also want to reset the FTE as that is unique to the school and will not carry over to the new school.


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JUNE 19 & 20

PowerTeacher Pro 
GPA Trouble-shooting
Adviser Help Session 
NSSRS to Adviser
Day in the Life of a Secretary   
End of Year
Must have customizations
Secretary Session
New student contacts page
What is YOUR question??
PowerSchool 101 - for schools new to PowerSchool
Schoology and integration with PowerSchool


Early Bird price of $100 for both days or $65.00 for one day
good until May 25, 2018
Block of rooms reserved at the LaQuinta Inns & Suites
$93 per night under Mid Nebraska PowerSchool Group
Reservations must be made by May 18, 2018
Phone #: 308-237-4400
Questions: contact Ellie at

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I have been asked by our Curriculum Department to search for students given a ZERO for an ASSIGNMENT.

I did Special Functions > Search By Grades/Attendance & that only seems to pull the overall grade of zero for teachers who have not given any grades yet.

Has anyone been able to search for this and if so, how?

Thank you!

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The Kansas PowerSchool Users Group asked that we share their conference details:

Registration is now open for the Central States PowerSchool Conference to be held April 9-11, 2018 at the Hilton Garden Inn in Manhattan, KS. We are excited to have Al Momrik, Bob Cornacohhioli, and Adam Larsen back with us again this year. Below are details about the conference. A schedule will come out the end of January. This is also the same weekend as the K-state open house. I would suggest that you make reservations early since the hotel fills up fast. I have included phone numbers for other hotels across the street.

To register for the Central States PSUG Conference please use this link.

Our website is

Registration form can be found at: 

DATES: April 9 - 11, 2018

LOCATION: Hilton Garden Inn, 410 S 3rd St, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

PHONE #: 1-785-532-9116.

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: Ask for the "Kansas PowerSchool" group rate of $104.00 per night plus tax or you can use this link: and enter code: "KPSUG"

OTHER HOTELS next to the Hilton and within walking distance:

Candlewood Suites - 785-320-7995

Holiday Inn Express - 785-228-9500

Fairfield Inn - 785-539-2400

Ken Clay  |  Student Information Systems Administrator
Clearwater Schools  |  PO Box 248  |  Clearwater, KS 67026
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Does anyone have a field in PowerSchool to record the Free or Reduced Direct Certification reason?  Such as SNAP, Migrant, Foster etc.

OR if you do record that information, where do you do that?

Thanks for any guidance!!!
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I record it in the application # slot. You can run a report through PowerSchool that then shows you their qualification and how they qualified. 

Perfect!  Thank you!!!

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I would like to have some procedures in place to help with the validation of data submitted in NSSRS so all of the responsibility does not fall on me.  I submit the reports to NDE pulled from PowerSchool but I would like to have admin review the data to have another set of eyes looking at it.  Perhaps sign off on it.  Just curious how other schools handle it.

Thanks for any input.
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I am new to Hastings, but Kathy printed out all the NSSRS reports (after October & June uploads), put them in a 3 ring notebook, attached a routing slip and had it go around to all the administrative staff to sign off that they reviewed the data.  It was a CYA measure.  However, several administrative staff admitted that they may not even open the notebook... they just sign their name.

I have spoken to NDE staff on several occasions to ask that they train administrative staff on NSSRS - the where to look, what to look for, why should they look & when should the look.

I have also asked if they can produce something that shows what all the reports are (instead of going to Validation & having to click on each drop-down separately searching for the report we might need) as a guide for the Data Stewards and Administration to know where to look and what to look for.

Sorry Bev, not really a good answer to force others to have our backs in making sure the data is good & useful.    We are all hoping to have that other set of eyes.


In Columbus Tami and I print off (make pdfs) of the reports and email them to who needs to look at it.  We make the option person verify the option list the HR guy look at the State Aid report etc.  If they don't look it is their problem they had the data. 

But when NDE contacts the Superintendent about an issue they always come to me to find an answer.

Thanks so much Kristy.  Those are all good ideas.  I'm going to give the 3 ring binder and signing off a try.  I agree that NDE needs to train admin on the reports.  I also agree it would be helpful to have something that shows what all the reports are and what and where to look for.

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PLEASE NOTE: PowerSchool has just canceled these sessions because not enough participants signed up.Thank you. - 2/14/2018

In addition to the ESU 10 Scheduling workshops, PowerSchool is also offering the following:
PowerScheduler: Prepare to Build (3 day), PowerScheduler: Load Process (2 day), and PowerScheduler: Build Workshop (4 day). 

These are hosted by the Diocese of Lincoln, but are offered by PowerSchool and open to any school in the area.  PowerSchool asked the Diocese of Lincoln to host these workshops since it is in a centralized location for many School Districts. To be clear:  these sessions will be open to ALL school districts and are NOT exclusive to the Diocese of Lincoln schools. Since these sessions are offered by PowerSchool and the Diocese of Lincoln is only hosting, if you would like to attend you will have to register through PowerSource and the registration fee would be paid by the school or the attendee.

PowerScheduler: Prepare to Build   March 19th – 21st    $1,200 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Prepare to Build 3-day session is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the preparation process. The Prepare to Build 3-day session will go over all items that need to be completed in order to have a productive build experience. This course is designed for people who will need more assistance with setting up the parameters for their school.
Objectives: -Introduce PowerScheduler and Prepare to Build process -Use demo data to discuss and evaluate setup items -Brainstorm school specific items such as use of Teams, Buildings, or Houses -Analyze Room, Teacher, Student, and course request screen setup -Walk through comprehensive setup of Courses, including Course Relationships -Discuss use of Constraints -Download engine and demonstrate Build process -Evaluate common errors in process -Begin to work on individual school setup, focusing on specific "tricky" topics such as Course Setup, Course Relationships, and Constraints

PowerScheduler: Load Process    March 22nd – 23rd    $800 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Load Process 2-day session is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the preparation process. This course is designed for people who will need more assistance with setting up the parameters for their school.
Objectives -Introduce PowerScheduler and Load process -Use demo data to discuss and evaluate setup items -Brainstorm school specific items such as use of Teams, Buildings, or Houses -Analyze Room, Teacher, Student, and course request page setup -Walk through necessary setup of Courses, including valid Course Relationships -Discuss use of Constraints -Download engine and demonstrate Load process -Evaluate common errors in Load process -Begin to work on individual school setup, focusing on specific "tricky" topics such as Course Requests screen setup and Constraints

PowerScheduler: Build Workshop    April 24th – 27th      $1,600 per attendee:

The PowerScheduler Build workshop is designed for schools that need extra assistance in working through the build process.
Objectives -Walk through Build process -Evaluate and analyze validation and build errors -Work with trainer to resolve validation and build errors -Consult with trainer as needed to effectively build the school's master schedule

To register for these courses,
1. Log on to PowerSource
2. Click on the Training Tab
3. Click on the Training Calendar Tile
4. Find the course you want to attend and click the Request button on the right.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Adrian Carlson                                 
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