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Peggy Medema (39)
NWEA has changed the roster template to align with ADVISER (I think, I'm just guessing that's why). The first column has to be the district-school number. I know how to pull the district number and the school number, but does anyone know how to get that whole thing?

Valentine Elementary would need to be 16-0006-002. I could make separate templates for each building and just have that go in as "if blank print this", but I'm trying to come up with something more generic.

Thanks in advance!
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We use an if/then statement to pull the three digit location code in an export template:


You could adjust that to report the entire district-location.

I hope this helps.

I'll try that! Thanks!!

It worked!! Woo hoo!!!!

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How do any of you handle putting Summer Drivers Ed into PS? I thought I'd create a summer school, but that turned into way too big a job for just a dozen or so kids.

In the past they've just been added with the grade they received into Historical Grades, but that doesn't pull the teacher's state ID. 

They take the driving portion in the summer after 8th grade but get high school credit for it. I want to make sure that however I do it, it shows up right on their transcript and also pulls correctly for the Grades report.

Any input is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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I just put them in as summer school grades when sending those into the state you do not need a teacher ID number for state reporting.  That is how we do it in Columbus. 
The Summer School Student Grades template has you leave the Staff ID field blank.


Suzanne, do you make a different store code for that then?

No the high school just uses S2 but they add Summer School to the Course name which then wipes out the Course number so someone has to manually enter what the course number is.  So you could use a different store code so the course number stays.  When the Guidance changes the course name I export the list of classes then send it to them to enter in the correct course number because they were the ones that wiped it out in the Historical grades.  Usually around 30 or so records they have to fix.

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Where do you designate a student as HP instead of PK in PowerSchool?
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I believe on each student on the State/Provine - NE page 

(under Information on the left hand side)   

Half-day Pre K  --change the drop down to YES for each student

This can also be done on the Transfer Info page at the bottom
When you choose Yes or No to the Part time Kindergarten or Part time pre-school.

The Unique ID extraction file still shows the grade level as PK even though Half-Day Pre-K is selected in PS.  How can the extraction pull out the HP grade designation? I've imported the extracted file into Excel, changed PK to HP and then converted file to .txt for upload. I'd prefer the extracted file to show HP as the grade level, not PK.

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I have a couple of rural school kids who are going to take Driver's Ed via DL. I used Enroll in Another School to get them in the class. What I'm worried about is Attendance, ADA/ADM, and anything else that would affect NSSRS. Does anyone have any experience with this and have any advice for me?
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We have a student that only takes band with us. We do report the student in NSSRS.  He has a FTE of .2 so he doesn't really count because the FTE must be 50 percent or more but we do all the templates for them.

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When I run the audit file for Student Grades, any students at the high school who have withdrawn from a section after grades were stored for first semester have the entry for that grade one column off. It appears to happen with the teacher name. It sees the comma that separates the last and first name and then shifts everything over. In the column for Course Code Long, it puts in the Course code instead of the Alternate Course Code. In the Section Code Long column, it replaces the section number with the Section ID. It also happened for the extract file, except that it doesn't shift the data over.

I reported this to PowerSchool and it moved all the way up the food chain. This is the response I got today: 

The issue you have reported in case number 01363418 has been identified as a new or existing application defect.

I do not have a workaround for this issue at this time as the report is not correctly handling dropped classes.

Your case information will be associated with the existing development ticket, for tracking purposes. The case will remain open until the defect has been addressed in a PowerSchool release, at which time you will receive email notification and the case will be closed.

Just thought I'd give everyone a heads-up in case you run into the same thing.
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We are considering opening up our elementary to the parent portal. I'm curious how many schools have the portal open at that level and the reasoning behind that decision. Also, do you have "standards" available?

Thanks in advance for your input.
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We have the portal open for all grades.  The main reason is we use Power Lunch and this way parents can see the lunch transactions and balances.

We use Parent Portal for any parents that would like an account.  It is mainly our parents who have secondary students and want to keep up with the younger kids. 
And yes, we do have our standards available as these are on the elementary report cards.

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I realized recently that I had an alternate course code incorrect for a teacher in last year's Grade Report. I want to find the course and fix it, but I can't find it. 

I went into DDA>Courses, but there's not field there for Alternate number. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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In DDA, the Alternate Course Number only shows up if a course has been assigned one.  It then appears in the Custom field, but appears to be non-editable (if that's a word) in DDA.

Editing the Alternate Course number can be done at the Setup>School>Courses screen.

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I can't seem to get PT Mobile to work on an iPad. Can someone send me some instructions that aren't as vague as the ones on PowerSource? I can find the district when I search, but it doesn't seem to hold the information to log in.
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Are you running 7.0.3 or 7.1 (current).  If so it is broken on those two releases.

We are hosted now, so running the most current version. I guess I'm glad to know it's not just me :~P

Does anyone know if this got fixed?

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I tried to clean up some overlapping enrollments for a student the other day and it wiped out everything!!! All her enrollments, assignments, attendance! PS Support said that this is a known issue and directed me to Article 64217. It is supposed to be corrected in the December update.
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I have seen this too, but when I called tech support on Oct. 24, they did not reference article 64217 and they would not escalate the case! I called twice and even talked to a supervisor. I was sure the loss of student data wasn't user error and was caused by a PS function, but I let Tech Support's lack of interest stray me into thinking this was an isolated instance and therefor I didn't post a warning. Thanks for the warning Peggy and sorry I didn't put one out earlier.

When I found about the deleted records, three days had passed, so we didn't want to do a flashback. We went to a test server and rolled it back to before the function was run. This allowed us to get the two students' data, which was manually reentered.

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I can't get the Student report to pull the kids who transferred out over the summer no matter what dates I put in. What am I missing? Do I need to go in and change the transfer date to a date after school started?

I am running Student report version 1.2.
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I always cushion my calendar a week before school actually starts and exit my summer transfers one day after the start of the calendar.  I use the calendar to mark days in session but then my summer transfers show up for the student report and the school enrollment report.  They don't show up in June for the student summary attendance (which is what I want).  I don't know if this is the right way but it's been working for us.  

Peggy, with the students who transferred out over the summer, I change the entry date to 07/30/2011 and the exit date to 07/31/2011. When I run the Student Report and the School Enrollment for the October 17 submission (which is the initial submission for the 11-12 school year) I use 07/30/2011 for the start date and the end date would be the date you are running the report. That way all of the transfer out students are reported. Then any other submission for the remainder of the school year I use 08/01/2011 as the start date. As advised by our tech support through ESU5 we use 08/01/2011 as an enrollment date and 06/01/2012 as an exit date. That way we have some play in our school calendar. I hope this helps you with your exports.

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