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Greg Boettger (37)
I ran the most recent update from powersource for state reporting so my report would incude grade level, but it still shows 1.0. I thought is was supposed to be 1.1
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I am showing version 1.1 as of 06/14/2011.

I installed the latest and it is still showing 1.0. Is there something I missed. I updated resources and still the same thing. The download from PowerSource is 2011_06

Is this the one you downloaded.

Try restarting the server.

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    Is anyone else seeing that the Days Enrolled column is blank. Either that or it should not be in the extract. I knoe it was blank last year. I upladed my template and I had a validation error. Not sure what it is as none of the records are in red so my assumotion is that it is the days enrolled column.

Let me know if anyone is having the same issue. The report version is 1.0
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Does anyone have a report that lists all the Test's that have been imported into ps and list each one of their scores.

Am trying to get an easy way so admin do not have to go click on each test to see the scores..Just a one stop shop.....If you got one, I would love to have it if you are willing to share
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Don't forget to get registered for NEPSUG 2011 soon if you have not already. The date is fast approaching. Click the link below to get yourself registered. Also, the tentative agenda is attached as well.

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Make sure you get registered for the NEPSUG 2011. Deadline is fast approaching.

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Get registered and get it marked on your calendar.
April 27th
Embassy Suites LaVista
12520 Westport Parkway
LaVista, NE 68128

This year, we will have sessions covering the following:
PowerSchool 7.0
Best sources of information to problem solve
Show and tell
Standard based grading
Health screens
Incident management
Standards and the gradebook
Searching for admin and counselors
and much more........

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I am looking for a report that would allow the Teacher to go into PowerTeacher and print attendance for their whole class. I do have the customization from powerdata solutions that allows them to view attendance, but it would be nice to have a report they could print as well for one or the whole class. Anyone have such a thing.
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Ok, has anyone figured a way to det the health immunization data back out of Powerschool. We have imported all our health immunizations into PoerSchool from our old custom screens and now can not print a report with dates. Trying to be a bit proactive before I break the news on this to the High School. I had heard we may be able to do this with SQL. Anyone have an idea or is this another sit and wait game?
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I have copied and pasted the immunizations to get them to print off.

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Does anyone know if it is possible to create a report that will pull all login

and passwords for all kids in a single family rather than printing a single

report for each kid. Looking at sending a mailing home for the family with

instructions for the single sign on. Would be great to have a single report to

pull all from a family. Not sure if anyone has done this or not. I am sure we

can export and group them together, but it sure would be nice to print a single

letter off to send to each family.
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I am hoping that with PowerSchool 7 more things are tied together with family information. 

Family Lunch Accounts
Family Mailings
Family Login Information

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Can I create a section with students enrolled and not have it show up on the parent portal at all. Am trying to figure out a way if this is possible or not.
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I am wanting to pull 2009 and 2010 S2 GPA of students who are currently in the 9th grade. I am not having any luck as these students are not in the same school that they would have earned these in. They are in the high school now and I want their S2 gpa when they were 7th graders and their S2 gpa when they were 8th graders.

I went to our HS and selected the 9th graders and exported the following with no results
^(*gpa method="WMS Weighted S2" type="cumulative"term="S2"year="2010")

Any help would be appreciated.  
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I'm not sure if this would work, but would you need to change your "Historical Grade Level" in School/School Info to get the previous GPA to appear?


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