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Kris Schutt (66)
Can anyone tell me if ADVISER will automatically pull the Perkins info now or do we still need to populate the Special Programs page for Career Education reporting?

Thanks for any advise!
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With Adviser NDE will be able derive participants based off of student grades sent, so you will only need to report concentrators in special programs 

This is what I heard from our ESU:

Course sections should be marked for CTE this year and historically.
I believe they will be pulling Program Facts/Career Technical Education report from your PowerSchool.
Under each section there is a pull-down next to Program that has Career Education:

Marking this year's sections will give them participants, but I believe you will need to mark courses historically  to get concentrators.

Maybe I missed something. I wasn't aware that selecting Career Education in sections is necessary.

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Can you find the Mean and Median in PTP from an individual assignment?
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You can the easiest I have found is to go to the scoresheet screen click on the assignment name then when the single assignment comes up go to the gear over on the right and chose show Metrics.


THANK YOU SUZANNE.  I knew I'd seen it but COULD NOT find it again!!!   Merry Christmas!

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Did I see some "chatter" on here last week about AutoSend not working for TestWiz?  If so could someone please try to help.  I received an email from TestWiz with a new password but it still fails to send.  Is there something else that changed with a recent update that I need to fix?

Thanks for any guidance!
Mead Public
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Kris, you may want to contact TestWiz support as they can now pull roster data directly from the Nebraska Ed-Fi ODS using secure APIs.  You can then dump the insecure FTP AutoSend(s).

Thank you Bryan, I will do that!

To get TestWiz to pull your data from Ed-Fi, send an email to requesting Ed-Fi Rostering. Here is an email we received from Certica Solutions who manages TestWiz. 

Hi All,
Yes, we can retrieve Student Roster and Class assignment data out of the Nebraska Ed-Fi ODS. This automated process is a direct pull of the data, so there is no need to maintain extracts or send files from the Student Information System. We have been switching districts over to Ed-Fi Rostering on a case-by-case basis, as we wanted folks to be aware of the change. 

Please let us know if there are districts that are interested in switching to Ed-Fi, and we will contact them to get started. Alternatively, anyone who is interested, may send an email to us at, requesting Ed-Fi Rostering.

Yours truly,

Patty St. Hilaire
Client Services Specialist
Certica Solutions, Inc.

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I am losing my mind over this stupid report!  I have never had a problem with it before but this year I cannot get it to pull grades for my 9-12 students.  I have check my stored grades and they all appear correct.  I have checked my Reporting Store Codes at the district level.  The curious thing is that I have students that transferred in mid year.  The grades that were hand entered from their previous school appear on the report but not 1 grade for a student that has been here the entire year appears on the report.

Any suggestion will be very greatly appreciated! 
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I just had the same problem with new students that transfer in with their grades appearing.  I just had to delete them. 

Can someone tell me the 4th, 5th and 6th grade PE Course code we are suppose to use.

Make sure your store codes are entered individually at the district.

Thank you for responding!

I am confused by your comment about deleting those grades.  Why did you do that?

I believe the correct code for elementary PE is 080125

I do have my store codes set up individually.


I deleted those grades because they were historical grades that belong to that student before they came into our school.  We could not report them.

Are you course codes year long or by quarter?  If year long they belong all in one file like this - Q1,Q2,S1,Q3,Q4,S2

Not sure after this why they would not pull.

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Is there a way to search for tardies by 1st period only?
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I pull tardy information via quick export for our report cards and an end of the year data file I provide teachers for updating cumulative folders using this coding:  ^(per.att;HR(A);TR)

To use for your school, you would need to change the HR(A) listing to however your first period shows in your listing of class periods.  For us, all grade levels start the day with Homeroom, so that's when we count tardies.

To do the Quick Export, just select all or whatever gorup of students you want, add lastfirst and the coding above to the search window, and it should work for you.

Of course, this requires you to piddle with a quick export as opposed to something more elegant.  I generally don't do elegant.

Thank you Ray.  Unfortunately that is what I do now.  I was just hoping there was a better way to search that I have missed all these years.  Seems like it should be such a simple thing to do.

You can use the System Reports >Attendance Count report.

You can choose a code and what period you want to search by and how many occurrences there are.


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Does anyone have a field in PowerSchool to record the Free or Reduced Direct Certification reason?  Such as SNAP, Migrant, Foster etc.

OR if you do record that information, where do you do that?

Thanks for any guidance!!!
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I record it in the application # slot. You can run a report through PowerSchool that then shows you their qualification and how they qualified. 

Perfect!  Thank you!!!

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This year when a teacher sends out an email to parents through the Gradebook all replies are directed back to me instead of the teacher.  I don't recall this happening last year.  Has something changed?  Is there a setting somewhere that I am missing?  Thanks for any help! 
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We will be starting Pre-School for the 2018-2019 school year.  There will be 2 levels, 3 and 4 years old.  They will each attend 1/2 day every day.

Should I:
1.  Set up a "New" school for just the 3 and 4 years olds. OR
2.  Just add those levels to my existing Elementary school and just adjust their FTE and Attendance?

If the answer is New school what do I use for the school number?  I.E. HS=780072001

Thank you for any guidance!
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I would do a separate school so that they can have a bell schedule that more closely matches their schedule. Otherwise it's a mess.

Thank you Peggy.  What about the number?

You can use ...003.  Your superintendent will need to contact NDE and let them know that you will be setting up a new school so that once you have the school set up in PowerSchool, data submissions for your PK students will match the proper school at NDE for EdFi and NSSRS purposes.

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It has been brought to my attention that parents and students are not able to see grades for individual assignments for the teachers that are on PowerTeacher Pro.  Is this a setting somewhere that I have missed?  Or does the teacher have to do something?  Thanks!
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We had this issue as well, and we solved by disabling customizations.  I have no idea why that works or what the connection is, but here is how you get to it:

Click System on the home page. Under 'Server' to System Settings. Then click Customizations.  If the box on that page is checked, uncheck it. 

We have found that our information on Dashboard doesn't sync when you disable it, so at times we will enable the customizations, sync, then disable it again so the assignments can be seen. Our Tech person has put a ticket in to PowerSchool about this issue. 

One of my teachers had an issue with students not seeing grades for particular assignments. We went to Edit Assignment and discovered "Count in Final Grade" was unchecked for a quiz and an assignment.

I've also noticed sometimes the students don't see grades in the PowerSchool mobile app. I'm guessing it might be a caching issue.

PS looks like it has a lot of bug fixes. Looking forward to that update tomorrow night.

Thank you both!  I really don't want to turn off my customizations so guess we will just have to wait for a fix.  Hopefully this weekend!

Unfortunatelly Jane I checked and all of the assignments are checked for "Count in Final Grade" 


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If I want to delete a custom page, do I just find the page and delete it?  Will the original page stay or will I be deleting both pages?  OR do I cancel the custom page to get it to revert to the original page?

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Yes, you can delete the custom page and it will revert to the original page.  

Thank you!

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