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Tanya Phillips (18)
I am getting an error:  
Term: Exam 2
Session Grading Periods requires at least one object in collection.  
(Sorry, can't do a screen shot b/c PS is down.)
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Does anyone have a low grade report they would be willing to share with me?
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I have a reporting engine report that I like.  What is the best way to get it to you?

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I'm having troubles storing grades for my high school...I didn't have problems with semester 1 or Q1 and Q2...I've tried checking my final grade set up and my store codes...and I just can't figure it out.  Is there anyone that can help?
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Can you be a little more specific.  Exactly what is happening when you try to store grades?  Do you have year long, quarter long and semester long classes?  What terms do you need to store credit for?  Try this:
Year long:  Store with no credit
Semester:  Store with no credit
Quarter:  Store with credit

Then go back and try this:
Year:  Store with no credit
Semester:  store with credit

Then if you have year long classes that need credit store those with credit.

So, I went back and did that, and here is what I see when I check a student's historical grades.  She only has one class showing up as S2, but should have others showing up as well.

Multiple New Entries  Single New Entry  Previous School Names  Detail View   LangArtsVocational 
Year/Term Grd Lvl Course Dept. Earned Credit Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 S1 S2 Y1
16-17 S1 11 Advisory/Storm Zone 0.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 Am History 10.00 96 96 99 97 96 98 _
16-17 S1 11 Business Law I/II Vocational 10.00 100 100 100 99 100 99 _
16-17 S1 11 Chemistry 10.00 100 98 99 100 98 99 _
16-17 S1 11 College Algebra DC 10.00 95 99 97 96 96 97 _
16-17 S1 11 English III LangArts 10.00 99 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 H. School Choir 10.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _
16-17 S1 11 Plant Science/Plant Biology Vocational 5.00 98 99 . . 98 . _
16-17 S2 11 Psychology 5.00 . . 100 100 . 99 .
16-17 S1 11 Spanish II 10.00 100 100 100 100 100 100 _

I noticed my grades weren't saving properly when I tried to run my grades report for NSSRS.

I am also having students who do not have classes showing up on the report.  My seniors have only year long classes that are being picked up on the report.  None of my CIP classes are are the report either.  Sharon is also looking into what the problem is.

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What programs do you use for lunch balance collection?  Does this accept debit/credit cards that the parent can pay on-line with?  What about ACH debit?  What about other fees than lunches?
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We've been using eFunds for Schools for the past several years and are very happy with it.

Parents can deposit money to lunch accounts (eFunds syncs with PowerSchool so online deposits show up pretty much instantly in PowerSchool) and to pay sports registration fees.  As far as I know, there is no limit (other than what the school might have) on the types of fees which could be set up in eFunds.

Parents can pay by debit/credit card (charged a convenience fee of $2.65 per $100 transaction value) or via ACH (charged a $1.00 convenience fee per transaction regardless of amount or how many different fees/deposits are made in a single transaction).  By having parents pay the convenience fee, eFunds doesn't cost the school anything other than some sort of annual maintenance fee ($170 or some such amount).

Reporting options available on the administrative side of eFunds meet our needs and are relatively easy to use.

I like the thought of it tying in to PowerSchool, and that it shows up there.  Seems like it would be a lot less work than just accepting a debit/credit card then having to go through and post info each day.

+ 1 for E-funds. This is our first year with it and we've been happy with how easily it works with PowerSchool. A couple of parents complained about the hassle last fall but we tell them to continue sending checks, if they preferred. 

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I just stored grades, and some of the classes that don't take grades (i.e. Interventions) that are showing zeroes.  What do I do to get this to not show zeroes?  
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Go to the course setup page for affected courses and check the Exclude from Storing Grades option.

To delete the ones you already stored, go into DDA, go to the stored grades table, and enter a search string for the date stored, equals, {blank}; to get the blank, just hit the space bar once in that text entry field.

That will pull up the offending stored grades and you can delete them.

Thank you!!!!!

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PTP from a teacher:  When I create an assignment it is only showing that I can select 4 categories (Class Participation, Responsibility, Quiz, and Project) but I have 7 categories created.  I clicked on the categories and it says they are all active but they won't show up.

So, I went in from the admin side to add the categories, and when I logged back into her PTP, I still had only 4 categories to choose from.  

Please help!
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Are the categories limited to specific classes? Go to the Grading icon, select Categories. Make sure it says either "All Classes" or lists the specific class you are looking for then save.

I hope that helps and that is all it is.

That was it, thanks!  I thought she had them all selected, but it was only for S1!

That was it, thanks!  I thought she had them all selected, but it was only for S1!

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I need assistance, yet again!  My students have two different grades listed on their quick look ups.  as you can see, for the most part, it isn't a big deal...but I would like to fix what ever the heck I have wrong.  Can anyone help me?  grade rounding.JPG
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You have a grade scale that is set up with a number in the letter grade setup AND the cutoff percent. Your teachers have their gradebook set up to use one or two decimal places.

When you stored, it stored the percentage with the decimal places but is also stored the "Grade" value which is the corresponding number.

You can suppress the letter grade or the percent grade so the quick lookup screen only displays one value. That is found in the School Setup>Final Grade/Reporting Term Setup>Select the term and check the box of the one you want to suppress.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for your help!

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I am putting grades in and I keep getting the message that "An invalid grade scale exists for at least one class or standard. Contact your administrator to correct the grade scale configuration before saving scores." I've looked, but I'm not sure what I need to change. Some of my teachers have this, and some do not.  I've tried to check the grade scale in both course and section to make sure they match, but it is time consuming, even for a little district like ours to go through every single one.  Suggestions?
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I just fixed this for our Elementary Grade Scale. Look in District>District>Gradescales. I had a yield sign on the one affected. Click the pencil and in the Cutoff column, make the low grade = 0. We had a "U" have a low of an 80 and a teacher gave a kid a 50 and would get that message and not save. I made it a zero and all was good.

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My principals just asked me if I could set up an Individualized Learning Plan Page in PowerSchool for all the teachers to be able to access.  They want to be able to post Dibels scores, NeSA scores, MAPS scores, ACT scores, and also be able to enter goals for the student as well.  They want to be able to drill down this report by subject as well.  They also want this to work with the advisor dashboard.  They want to be able to enter information for student intervention, along with what has and has not worked for the student.
Any suggestions, or would it just be better to set up a google doc for each student?

I feel like this is a very large process either way, and am overwhelmed just typing it!
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 What they are asking for is WAY beyond on what you or PS can do right now. You will need to look at software called data warehousing. We are looking at viewpoint right now but have used 2 over the last 4 years. Just a note, the state is building a data warehouse for all schools too. It is still the baby stages. So just a matter if you can/want to wait or get something else. 
 The 2 we used but dropped, tried to do on google docs and such.. No way. Pearson inform - not very good. 

Thanks.  I appreciate your help!

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How do you handle the exchange students and their class ranking?  We don't really want ours calculated into the rank.  We have one sophomore and one senior.  I realize the sophomore student is as much of an issue as the one that is a senior.  
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On the "Other Information" student page you can choose "Exclude from Class Ranking"  That's what we do.

Ok, thanks!  I just couldn't think of anywhere that I could even begin to look for that.

You are sooooo welcome!  Glad I could help once.  I usually receive a lot more help from this group than I can ever give!!!

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