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Is anyone else having problems loading the PowerTeacher site on Safari and mobile devices? I'm able to access PowerTeacher through Firefox and Chrome on my laptop. Safari takes a long time to load sign-in page. Teachers on iPads able to log into PT through Chrome app, but not as quickly as usual.

We are hosted, running 10.0.4.
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Just to update this issue in case anyone else runs into it ... None of the PS login pages would load with Safari on MacOS and iOS devices. I did find one teacher on an older version of Safari for Mac who was able to load PS login pages. PS support escalated the issue. It appears to have been a known issue and they already had a workaround to install on my server. They'll be restarting my server tonight and they appear confident it will fix the problem.

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Anyone else getting complaints that teachers can no longer copy PowerTeacher seating chart layouts from one class to another? Any suggestions?
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Seating Charts for our school is all kinds of messed up. Some can see, some can't, some can move kids around, some can't. All can't print them. eerrrrrr.. 

Yikes! I've only heard the one complaint. Are you on 10.0.1?

Yes we are 10.0.1. I did hear that if the teacher just creates it and does not save then prints, it seems to work. But if you can't save.. eerrrrrr

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Who all will be using PowerTeacher Pro this fall? My intent was to start our new teachers with it ... but I'm getting cold feet. I've been so busy that I haven't had much time to figure it out. Just curious what others are doing. If I start the new teachers with PTP, they will come to me for grade book support. :-(  #neverbeenateacher  
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We are having the new teachers to our district use Pro and during our pre- in-service we are going to let the other teachers choose if they want to be cutting edge with Pro. Our technology  integration specialist and I are to the training at ESU 10. I know Wayne and Ellie will help everyone get through this upgrade.

Sure wish I lived closer to Wayne and Ellie!

We are planning on rolling it out to all teachers the 17-18 school year.

We are going to have demonstrations and classes on PTPro the first have of this 16-17 school year. In the second half of 16-17 school year we are going to have group of teachers convert their gradebooks and be trained on the program and use it for the rest of the school year. Then those teachers are going to turn around and teach the other teachers in the 17-18 school year.  So basically we will have a teach the teacher model in place. 

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Hello everyone -- Great conference this week! Thanks to everyone who presented and worked on the event. :-)

How do you handle long-term subs for maternity, etc.? Do you give the sub access to the teacher's PS account and grade book? (Obviously, changing passwords first.) Do you create a new account for the sub and use them as a co-teacher for the 12 weeks or so?

What are the long-term ramifications for creating a generic long-term sub account and using that account as a co-teacher? We don't usually have the same long-term sub so I'm considering changing the account name each time. Would that cause any problems later, with that account tied to grades?


Jane  :-)
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I Columbus I go to the Teachers account then change the Username and password to be the subs name for the username and a different password but it is the teachers account in PowerSchool. I have found that to be the easiest for us.  We may have multiple log term subs at the same time.  That way I know when the teacher comes back because she emails me that she can not log onto PowerTeacher until I change it back to her.


We usually create a separate account for the long-term sub, add the sub as a co-teacher to the sections, and then de-activate the sub's account at the end of the assignment. This allows the sub to receive weather alerts, etc. through our third party program. And the teacher can still log in from home if he/she so chooses.

Thanks, Suzanne and Amanda. This gives me a couple of options. :-)

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I've been looking through the info available now on the upcoming PowerTeacher Pro. Looks like the new gradebook will be VERY different. Has anyone seen a demo yet? Are you planning to roll it out next fall for all teachers to use? Are you planning training yet for your teachers? I can't wait to get rid of the Java-based app, but I'm leery of springing an all-new grade book on the teachers next fall. Just wondering what you are all planning to do.

Jane :-)
Marian High School
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Will we have a choice? I have not read alot and not really got into it BUT sounds like we will not have a choice if we update our systems. 
 Get out the aspirin.. 

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

From what I'm seeing, you will not be required to go to PowerTeacher Pro with an update. Some teachers can use the old Gradebook app while some use the new option. So you don't need that aspirin ... yet. ;-D

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I don't really know whats going on, none of my teachers can launch gradebook.  I've tried reinstalling the launch on their desktops, I've tried to launch the old way, I've updated Java, I'm Downgraded java!!!! Nothing like having an issue with gradebook a week before the quarter ends - Anyone else having this problem??? We are hosted running 9.1.1 Java 8 Update 66.
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What a nightmare! We are on hosted, 9.1.1 also and our teachers are using Macs. I've installed Java 8 update 66 on 2 teacher Macs in the past couple of days. No problems at our school. What does support say?

It's strange that all your teachers can't access Gradebook. Try this PowerSource document: ID 73638 "PowerTeacher Gradebook Standalone App fails to launch"  This has instructions for both Macs and Windows users. This fixes a lot of Gradebook problems for me.

We haven't jumped to 9.1.x yet but earlier this fall I ok'd our hosting vendor upgrading us from 8.0.x to 8.3.x.  That killed our gradebookson all Macs running OS 10.6.8 (yeah, I still have a few of those).

If your hosted server was recently upgraded, something similar might be happening in this case.  The Release Notes for each PowerSchool update usually have notes on compatibility (which I hadn't bothered to read carefully prior to our issue).

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Anyone else using Macs having problems launching Gradebook after the upgrade to PowerSchool 9? Anyone using Macs and not having problems launching Gradebook after the update?

So far, the only teacher who CAN launch his Gradebook is running MacOSX 10.8.4 and Java 7 update 40. I'm working with support on this issue but I'm getting very nervous because school starts next week. :-P

(sigh) Don't you laugh at me, Ray Bentzen! ;-)
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Guess this issue mainly affects servers hosted by PowerSchool. Unfortunately, the recommended fix to take Java back to Update 45 isn't working for us.  :-(

If you're hosted and have been upgraded to PowerSchool 9 AND you have Macs that CAN launch, please let me know what version Java you're using.

Just LOVE this time of year. :-P

We are on Java 8 version 51 and can launch the gradebook.  We used the installer but had to redownload the installer and run it.  We replaced the one that they already had installed and that got it to work.

I haven't had a teacher enquire about the java webstart launch since they are all using the GradeBook app.  I am able to launch the .jnlp file with Java 8 Update 45, but can't launch with update 51 (Mac OS 10.10.4)

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Is anyone else seeing a browser error in the lower left-hand frame of the PowerTeacher page when teachers sign in using Firefox? This just showed up today, and we can't see the entire message. Safari is fine but Chrome shows what looks like a broken link symbol, which probably explains the error.

We don't have a custom home page for PowerTeacher. Just curious if anyone else is seeing this. Thanks!
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I am seeing the same error type graphic popping up after teachers log in via either Firefox or Chrome (although the graphic displays differently in each browser).  Safari is fine for us as well.

Whatever the error thing is, it does not seem to affect PowerTeacher functionality.

Thanks for mentioning this, Jane.  I am sure I will be hearing about it from our Firefox users.  Now I can just tell them to ignore it.

Thanks for the response, Ray. Glad we're not the only one seeing this error. Must have something to do with the last update ...

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Does anyone know how I can change the timeout option for PowerTeacher Attendance? Teachers would rather not have to log in each period to take attendance, which they never had to do until recently. I haven't changed anything, but maybe a recent update might have triggered something. Pearson Support told me to change the time at School > Attendance Preferences > Interval Duration. This didn't work; teacher still has to log in. Any ideas? Not a pressing issue. TIA.
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Ours is doing the same thing only it's also logging out Admin too. I went in and change the Time Out to 90 minutes and it is still logging us out after about 15-20 minutes. I guess I will need to call tech support :(

If teachers were to take attendance via their gradebooks, it looks like you can make the sort of desired setting via PT Administrator>Gradebooks>Preferences.  But that might log you out after a few minutes regardless of what you set as well.

Of course, the value of a secure website is diminished if it is just left open on desktops all day, including when teachers may not be in their rooms monitoring their computers.

We are experiencing the same thing.  My teachers started coming to me on Monday with this issue.  I tried adjusting the settings as well with no luck. 

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I have a few teachers that cannot take attendance in some of their sections (classes).  The single day attendance doesn't show anything:  

But the multi day attendance does:

I looked at the sections and courses, but don't see anything there different ... anyone have any ideas how to fix this? 

It's been crazy this year...I think the craziest start ever to a school year!
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Mine is doing the same thing, but only at the elementary.

I had one teacher with the same problem.  My issue was that I deleted a kindergarten student that did not show up and is going elsewhere instead of un-enrolling him. Thinking "He was never here, has not grades, no big deal just delete".   A mistake I will not make again!!!  Therefore he was still enrolled in classes in the CC table confusing PowerTeacher.  I had to find his records in the CC table and delete them.  Solved the problem.

Just saw this on PSUG.  May be just what you need, and much easier than what they had me do!

Received the following
steps from support which resolved the problem for us:

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Non-Atomic Mode (turn off)

System > Special Operations > Clear orphaned student schedule records

System > Special Operations > Set Synch to Atomic Mode (turn back on)

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