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incident management (2)
All Power School Users, 
Please note there will be a PowerSchool session on Monday, April 16th at the NDE Data Conference from 4pm-5pm in Crystal 4.  Tuarab from PowerSchool will be there to introduce the new Incident Management update and answer any other questions you may have regarding ADVISER and/or State Reporting.  Other state Power School experts will also be on hand to answer questions and help. 
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Is anyone using Incident Management yet for tracking disciplinary events, points, etc? If so, could I barrage you with a few questions on how you have it set up? TIA.
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OK ... I promise not to "barrage" you with questions ... would just like to see how another school has it set up. Anyone using Incident Management yet??

I think there had been a session at the ESU in Kearney in July about it...I attended the session but haven't set up all of the possibilities with it yet.

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