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NE Reporting Store Codes (3)
We connected Clever to NWEA for Maps and state testing. We need to connect the field in PS for the state id code for our schools to Clever and then on to NWEA. Where is that in PS. table and field? Or where does everyone else put that?

Gary W
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All Power School Users, 
Please note there will be a PowerSchool session on Monday, April 16th at the NDE Data Conference from 4pm-5pm in Crystal 4.  Tuarab from PowerSchool will be there to introduce the new Incident Management update and answer any other questions you may have regarding ADVISER and/or State Reporting.  Other state Power School experts will also be on hand to answer questions and help. 
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I'm trying to create new NE Reporting Store Codes at one of the school districts I serve.  After entering a store code, I click Submit, but then a blank screen is returned. I've checked relevant setup screens at each school in the district, but I don't see any anomalies.  I've reset the tomcat service, but without any success on my original endeavor. Any suggestions?

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I found the same thing at a couple districts, but was able to create it successfully at other districts. All of them are running the latest version, 11.0.3, some hosted by PS and some on the school's server.

I didn't see anything out of the ordinary at the districts where the terms wouldn't save. I contacted Tech Support and they escalated the case, #03147714.

Thanks,Wayne   I'll just wait for a resolution. 

This is a server issue and the district I was working with was hosted, so the hosting team had to run a script on the server. 

If you are experiencing this issue you need to open a case with Tech Support and reference PowerSchool SaaS case number 03150959.

Here is what was documented in the case:
Please run the following scripts to fix a failed table migration 

Delete as PS user 

delete from customfieldmigrationhistory where fieldsetname= 'State NE ReportingStoreCodes'; 
delete from prefs where name = 'State_NE_ReportingStoreCodes'; 

And then let me know so I can re-run the migration

FYI: I was told the terms were created, but they were just not visible. So I assume even if you couldn't see the grading terms, you could run the Grades report successfully if you created the terms correctly.

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