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Oct 2009 (12)
We have a new student starting on Monday, and he got enrolled into his classes the date he was entered into the system. Is there a quick method to fix this?
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You can do this id DDA in the CC table. Search for Student ID and the entry date that is wrong. Change all to the new entry date.


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What are we to check when new students in our school are not appearing on the NSSRS Student Report?  It seems I run into this every year so I thought I would create an article so I can reference to.
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There is a check box labeled "Exclude this student from State Reporting" on the State Student Screen, path is: Start Page > Student Selection > Nebraska State Information > Nebraska Student Information. This shouldn't be check by default, so I don't think this is what is causing your students to not show up on the state reports. Another reason they don't show up might be their enrollment date. Are their enrollment dates within the dates you are using on the reports?

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Does anyone out there have a template they use (and would be willing to share) for importing the career education stuff into student profiles?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
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I just found out we service 2 Title 1 kids that live in our district but attend a non public school not in our district.  One receives 40 min/ 2x per week and the other received 20 min/2x per week.  Does anyone have ANY IDEA how to set up attendance/FTE for these students? 

Thanks for ANY guidance, I'm at a complete loss here.
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We have 3 parochial school kids who we service for special education. I just enter them by hand. If I had dozens, I'd worry about putting them in PS, but for just a couple, it's not worth the hassle. I get attendance data from their school at the end of the year.

As far as FTE goes, take the number of minutes you serve them and divide it by the number of minutes YOUR STUDENTS are in session in a normal week to get a percentage. Your Title I person might even have that.

Thanks Peggy,

Just so I have this straight.  You enter your 3 students by hand for every report submitted to the NSSRS?


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Is it still the case that the Sped SS doed not pull sped students who transfered out?
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Does anyone know exactly what dates we are to use for the School Enrollment report due in November for the 2008-2009 Dropouts?
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Emails that are to be automatically sent to parents who have signed up to have grades, daily bulletin, etc. sent to them is not working since we upgraded to Premier.  If the parent (or us as administrators) click on the send now, it will send one immediately but will not automatically send them daily, weekly, etc. as marked.  From what I can find for help on this, things are set up correctly on the parent page if they will come thru when send now is clicked.  Any suggestions out there???
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Is the e-mail page set up correctly under system/system settings/e-mail.

You can turn on or off automatic emails on the menu of the server. This command is found under the hidden menu of the server (the blank area in the menu bar contains a menu that doesn't display unless you click on it). If Pearson hosts your server, you can turn automatic emails on/off by doing this in DDA:
  1. Log into PowerSchool and navigate to DDA.
  2. Select the [Prefs] table.
  3. Search for Name = emailoff. 
  4. Change the value from 1 to 0. (1=True 0=False, so for Automated email to work, the value needs to be a 0) 
  5. Submit the page
It is nice to have this capability so you can turn automatic emails off during the summer.

Hope this helps.

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Has anyone ever been able to run District Wide Reports for ADA/ADM.  I tried running them and I get a ALERT  No current school set. Select a school first.  I    selected the grades I wanted and still  get the Alert.  If this is not possible does any Superintendents Secretary have suggestions on how they run reports for there District. 


Ord Public Schools

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Hello, We have a problem with one of our Elem Schools in attendance. They are reporting attendance twice a day AM, PM. If a student is absent just the morning or afternoon it counts it as 1 day missed, if they miss all day, then it counts as two days absent. I know it has to do with FTE but don't quite what to change. Any help??

Gary Warner
Technology Director
Adams  Central School District

Borrow money from pessimists...they don't expect it back.

Steven Wright

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I think you need to check your attendance conversion to see that it is set up appropriately.  Failing that, there are some good articles in the PowerSource Knowledgebase that might be helpful.

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We upgraded this fall to 6.0.0  I am having some difficulties with NSSRS reports that I have never had before. Does anyone know what report versions we should be seeing in our state reports?  Want to make sure I have the "latest and greatest" before I get any more frustrated.  Thanks.
Rhonda Hoyt
Anselmo-Merna Schools
K-12 Counselor
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Maybe I'm loosing it, but I thought I had posted this last week, but I don't see it, so here it is.

Student 1.9
Student Snapshot 2.0
Special Ed Snapshot 1.2
School Enrollment 1.6
Day Calendar 1.0
Title I 1.3
Assessment Fact 1.1
Assessment Response 1.2
Student Summary Attendance 1.3
Programs Fact 1.1
Post School Survey 1.2
Staff 1.4
Staff Snapshot 2.0
Staff Assignment 1.2
Assessment Item Response 1.1
Unique-ID State ID 1.8

NOTE:  PowerSource's latest documentation has the current version of Student Snapshot @ 1.6 and the Staff Snapshot @ 2.0. From what I can tell they have them switched, Student Snapshot s/b 2.0 and Staff Snapshot s/b 1.6.

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