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Jun 2009 (11)
I had PowerSchool in Firefox set to open export files directly into excel when we were on Microsoft Office 2002.  We recently upgraded to Office 2007 and neither I or our IT guru can get it to export properly.

Has anyone else experienced this problem and do you have a resolve?

Thank you for very much for any help with this!

Mead Public Schools
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In Firefox, go to tools and options, and from here you can control the downloads.

Just is case you're wondering, in Office 2007 choose the Data tab, then click on From Text button on left.  It'll bring up the little wizard as before.  You should be fine from there on out.

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One of our secretaries was at the PS workshop in Omaha the Wednesday before NETA and saw a custom screen which someone was using titled "Other Parents". It had fields for guardians, divorced parents, etc.

Does anyone use this or can tell me where to find it?

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Hello Chris,

We click on a student, under student Information, we have a field called Custom Fields, under that we have a field called Non-Custodial Parent, here is were we put there address and phone numbers.  I hope this helps.

Ord Public Schools

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We are just getting started on our Program Fact Report and are not sure on Participants.
Are all students considered participants, or just those that took vocational classes?


Lana Kruml and Rebecca Vanek
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Only those taking vocational classes that are in an approved program of study.

Thank You Graci!
We have a couple more questions when we enter Program District School Code - do we select the custom code  and Technical Skill Attainment - not applicable?


Here is a link that may help with the definition of participants

One word of caution is that if you have a concentrator make sure you put in the proper technical skill attainment code which would be something other than by leaving the field blank.  If by chance you leave a blank for a concentrator it will give you an error in NSSRS Validation.  If you find you made a mistake and need to change a blank to another code and it will not fix by re-uploading the corrected file you may need to contact me or the helpdesk and we can do a delete of the old record.  Then we will have you send up the record again with the proper code.  It is not a key field but for some reason it is not allowing updates to that field at this time like most other non-key fields function.
The best way to reach me is by email

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Where is this report in PowerSchool?



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Most of the people at the NSSRS workday yesterday at Kearney did NOT have access to the Post School Survey.  For those who could see it, it didn't run properly.  So the work around was to download the post school survey template from NDE at and fill in the info. 

You can get a list of students to be reported from the Validation page under Programs Fact on the left side.  Change to last year and pull the info for Career Ed and choose the school as well as Concentrators.  Then submit.  It will list last year's concentrators.

Thank you so much!

Have a great weekend! :)

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I sent my report through the Portal and made it all the way through the validation and had 1 error on an students     CEBUSMGT    Not Applicable    CE0003

I know it should be Meet Technical attainment through locally developed criterion CE0003.

Is this what you told me to make sure and watch!  I was trying to be so careful and missed this one.  What now?  Is this something I can re-run and fix or does the state.

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I got this fixed for Rebecca but just so everyone else knows the answer I am posting this.  You can try to run it up again with the proper technical skill attainment code but chances are it won't update the old record due to a glitch which is making that field non-updateable (if that is a word).  If this happens please contact me or the helpdesk and have the old (wrong)record deleted.  You can then send up the record with the proper code again and it should get rid of the error.  It is just that this field is not overwriting as it should be when the new value is entered so we have to go the delete and re-enter route for now.  

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How long can we wait to do the end of year process?  Is there a cut off date?


Rebecca Vanek
Ord High School

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There is no set date you have to do EOY as there is when storing grades. You will only have to run it before the start of school.

I would recommend waiting until after the June 30th NSSRS deadline just in case you have to fix something.  We usually wait until the last week of July as our new year starts August 1.

Thank You Wayne and Bryan!


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No years are showing in the drop-down box to select the year for the Post School Survey report.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Did you get it resolved?

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If you run it at the school level (not District) the drop down years should be there.


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My student summary attendance report has now been running for over 3 hours and is not done.  I have tried this upload several times.  Once, when I stopped it, I did end up with a partial report.   Any ideas on how to get this to work? 
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Depending on your school size will probably depend on how long it takes your file to run.  My suggestion is to begin your file upload in the evening when you go home and then it will be ready to upload to the NSSRS system the next morning.  Let me know if this works for you.
Lori Holmstedt
Paxton Consolidated School

Thanks, I'll try that.

Summary Attendance is the one report that you can run per building. I got mine to run a whole lot faster by doing the elementary, middle and high schools separately.

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We want to print out the final grades for one section directly out of the gradebook. Is there a report for this on the admin side which would list the enrollment, and their final grades for specified terms without doing this directly in the gradebook?

Chris Ericson
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In the admin side go to reports, run reports and under Grades and Gradebooks, select Teacher Gradebooks, you there can select which teacher and it will print grades for you.

Reports --> Run Reports --> Teacher Gradebooks should work.  You can select one or multiple teachers and one or more class periods.

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Hello Everyone,

Title I report is it linked to our Student report?  We have a private school that we service and we  have to add those students into that report.  We got errors back on those students. 

We also have questions on the Special Education Snapshot?  How is the report done?


Steve Dennis - Ord Elementary
Rebecca Vanek - Ord High School
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Russ Masco, called me and gave me information.  They do have to be added to Student, Enrollment, Snapshot and attendance summary.

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