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Has anyone seen where students that have a negative balance from last year can not charge a meal - we started school yesterday and this is what the lunch program is telling me.

I was also told it will not take the A La Carte transactions - we did not make any changes from last year.

Thank you for any thoughts.

Kristy Kennedy
Hastings Publics Schools
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now I am told no one can charge breakfast - I am working with PS now

Yes I had that called support and they said I customized it here is what she sent for me to fix.

I just compared my custom one and added what I customized to the new 19.4 page.

I found some information in the 19.4 Release Notes pertaining to LunchPower .... here's a snippet of that information:

This update will impact customers who have customized PowerLunch. The ~psn tag has been changed to ~[psn] on the following pages:
/admin/powerlunch/completesale.html /admin/powerlunch/completesale.deposit.html
These pages will not work correctly until the following is updated:
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~psn">
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="psn" VALUE="~[psn]">

Does anyone know if this issue will affect Marcia Brennar's Cafe plugin? Does this only affect students with negative balances?

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Are you going to National PSUG in Las Vegas next week? I'd love to plan a Nebraska get-together. :-)

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Summer panic set in a couple of weeks ago. How is everyone handling new parents and portal access?

We are using the new contacts and have a sqlFormLettersLite set up to confirm SSO access for returning students. But we don't have anything ready for new students.

How are you creating contacts and portal access for parents of new students? Does anyone have a good process in place? The registrar and I are already swamped. We're looking for the quickest way for us to get just under 200 new contacts and access accounts created?

Any suggestions are welcome. All parents need access asap to fill out our online registration pages. My plans that included a Costco-sized bottle of Irish whiskey aren't working out. 

Also, I need to upgrade our server to 19.x. Do student passwords need to be at least 8 characters? (We currently use 5.)


Jane Campbell / Omaha Marian High School
700 Students / Hosted PS 12.1.4
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This is what we're thinking of doing for new students:

1. Create parent contacts for each student.
2. Create an access account through mother's contact, creating a unique user name and giving each parent the same password.
3. Parents will need to change password the first time they log into account.

Not sure what kind of formula to use to create the parent username. Any suggestions?

This is such a labor-intensive process. We don't have secretaries available to help us. :-(

If we know a parent is not already a contact in our system, could we just have them set up an access account as we did in the past? This would create the parent contact and net access at the same time, right? Would this be an easy way to get contacts set up?

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This year we are adding a zero hour into our class scheduling.  Not all students will have to sign up for a zero hour class.  For instance, the kids that play JH sports will sign up for the zero hour as part of their PE credits. Some of the zero hour classes will be for HS students as well.  Not sure how to set it up where the attendance data reflects that this is an extra period.  

Does anyone have any experience with setting up something like this in PS?  
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Do no add the 0 period to the bell schedule. That will make it a non-attendance period. 

So, how should I add it in.  It will be classes that take attendance and grades.

I'm sorry, I misunderstood. If you are going to mark attendance in that class, this process would not work.  For me, I would assign those students a different FTE with a different attendance conversion to calculate the attendance correctly for those students.

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All I need your help.   I have a meeting with PowerSchool on Thursday afternoon, I am trying to get a feel of where districts are at after this last round of updates.  If you can answer YES to any of the questions below, would you please fill out this quick google survey (link below).  Thanks for taking the time

    1. I am a PowerSchool Hosted district and I have NOT received the update
    2. My district  currently has a ticket open with PowerSchool on an ADVISER issue

Google Survey:

Aimee Muehling
ADVISER PowerSchool Liaison 

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I have submitted the survey.  We are hosted but have NOT gotten the update.  I have one case still open about canvas issue. It has been a difficult year to finish.   There are other school district employees like myself that are done with their allotted time for the year (NOT full time) but still are needing to finish with ADVISER.

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DO NOT transfer seniors out of PowerSchool!! NDE has seen several districts do this and it is not the correct thing to do.

ADVISER requires a 210 exit code record be sent for graduated seniors, but this doesn't require you to transfer the seniors out of PowerSchool. Transferring out the seniors will causes more errors. All that needs to be done is to set the seniors Exit Code to whatever your school uses for graduated and change the Exit Date. The Exit Date can be any date between their last day in attendance and the day after the last day in the calendar. 

HINT: To do this quickly, you can use the Student Field Value function to do a mass change.
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Just wanted to update everyone:
If you are hosted by PowerSchool most likely you received a state update (v. 19.5.1) over the weekend.  Unfortunately there were some major bugs with this update.  PowerSchool informed us that an update (v. will be released tomorrow and applied to your server over the weekend.  On Monday you will need to go to your EdFi page in PowerSchool and run publish all on all categories

Due to the issues with the update we have scheduled another workday at ESU 11 (Holdrege) on Thursday June 13th from 9-3:00. Ellie Schroeder (PowerSchool Support) and Ginny Carter (NDE) will be there.

You can register here:

Thank You 
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For districts that are self hosted.  You should be able to access the release sometime tomorrow.  It is suggested that you reboot your PS server after the update.   

We are learning that some districts still have not received the update.  If you are one of them.  Please open a ticket with PowerSource request that they update to the state release as soon as possible.    It is recommended you that you publish all data once you receive the update. 

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Register NOW!!
Just a reminder, the block of hotel rooms will be held until tomorrow June 7th!!

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I'm trying to print the Teacher Gradebook Report (under System Reports) by teacher for an EOY backup. The report is only printing 3 students per page, leaving most of the page blank. I've run this report in the past so I know it can easily fit at least 30 students. I see nothing in the report setup that is limiting the pages to three students. Any suggestions?

The teachers are all on PT Pro, if that makes a difference. 

Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha
PS 12.1.4
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I have been in denial but now it is crunch time.  In the past for our students that take online classes in Odyssey for credit, the high school secretary would enter their grades manually in historical grades.  I am understanding this year, these students need to be enrolled in a section to have the grades report correctly.  Do I have to create a new course/section for each of these classes then enroll the students in it?  Will it pull the manually entered grade?  This all so confusing and alot of work since we have so many unique online courses.  I have searched the PowerSchool and ADVISER documentation and have not found any guidance.  How are other schools handling this?

Thanks for any advice,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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Hi, Bev, We have had the same dilemma with Odyssey classes, but I did go ahead and create sections for them. It's definitely a pain, and a lot of times they show up as an error in ADVISER. 
I am definitely open to other ideas on how to improve this since we will have more and more students using this system for classes. 

We've been using Odyssey for quite some time now.  We use a container course and put the grade in when the student finishes.  Advisor still only needs grades at semester and pulls them from Historical Grades.  Wayne and Ellie may have a different answer but that is how we handle it.

I set up a unique teacher for our Odyssey where kids.  The teacher they have has other classes so I made the teacher her last name and grades. Ek, Grades
Then I created classes some I used our regular course numbers then had to creat new course using a unique numbering HS18000 so I new this is not a regular course my sections were ODW for S1 and ODW2 for S2 enrolled students then had the teacher open PTP and put in a Final Grade Override of the letter grade they earned.  I stored Grades without credit so our Counselor Staff could verify and enter the credits that were awarded.  Call me if you need any help

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