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Good Afternoon, 

I have a school that has an insertion at the bottom of their Demographics where they put the parents numbers and email address so it will put for communication purposes. Recently, these numbers are not getting saved so the code the information in the page fragment:

<p><table style="width:100%” cellspacing="0"><tr>
<td class="bold"><strong>Mother Cell Phone:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]mothercell" value="" size="12"></td>
<td class="bold"><strong>Father Cell Phone:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]fathercell" value="" size="12"></td>
<td class="bold"><strong>Student Cell Phone:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]studentcell" value="" size="12"></td>
<td class="bold"><strong>Mother Email:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]motheremail" value="" size="12"></td>
<td class="bold"><strong>Father Email:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]fatheremail" value="" size="12"></td>
<td class="bold"><strong>Student Email:</strong></td>
<td><input type="text" name="[students]AD_Email" value="" size="12"></td>

I have never migrated schools “User_Created_Custom_Fields” in District school > System > Page & Data Management > Custom Field Data Migration. I’m wondering if that would make a difference.

If they go to the student’s Custom Screens > Registration_Day page and enter the information, it saves. It just doesn’t want to save on the page fragment on the demographics page.
Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

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I'm guessing it does have something to do with the need to migrate custom fields.

I ran into a similar issue when implementing eCollect in that my old custom field names weren't recognized by the eCollect forms; something similar might be happening for you with your modification to the Demographics page.

If so, migrating custom fields and then revising the Demographics page insertion html language to point to the newly named fields (which after migration will be called something like U_StudentsUserFields.mothercell instead of just mothercell as an example).

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Marian High School in Omaha is accepting applications for a PowerSchool registrar/admin. The position will report to the academic dean and includes other duties to assist in the student services department.

Here’s a link to the job posting:

For more information, contact Ms. Jen Christen at Marian High School,
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I am puzzled  by something and hope maybe you can help.  We are still using the Gradebook.  A teacher says when she enters a NHI in her gradebook for a student, then at a later date the student hands in the assignment and then the teacher enters a percent score, then mysteriously after a couple days the score reverts back to NHI.  I am not able to replicate the problem.  Have you ever seen this?  It makes no sense to me.

Thanks for your help,
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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I have not seen this before. What does NHI stand for? Is that a special code?

Yes, it stands for Not Handed In.  The teacher enters it in their Gradebook Preferences under Score Codes.

What version of PowerSchool are you using? It may be a bug that was resolved in a later version.

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I have two PowerSchool issues going on today and I'm wondering if they might be related or fixed by running a special operation. One student who is marked absent isn't showing up when we run the Absentee Report at Start Page > Attendance > Absentee Report. Another student isn't showing up in one F grade search, but appears in another F report.

Things just seem goofy. Is there a Special Operations function (under System > Special Operations) that I could run? We have a banner that says we were to be updated to 19.4.5 last Saturday but I see we're still at 19.4.3.


Jane Campbell
Marian High School
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Hi Jane,

Have you tried Special Functions >Attendance Functions and then Refresh Premier Attendance Views Data. May help with the attendance.  Do not know what to tell you about the grade issue.  Sorry.

Thanks,  Kris Just ran the attendance refresh and it didn't fix the attendance issue. :-( It's weird because other reports find the student. I think this is a custom report but it's used every day. I don't know why it would suddenly not work.

Well dang!

Did you try Special Operation Recalculate Attendance?

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We have trained people to search for sped students by using the field verified_disability=1.  With the sped data being entered into special programs now, how do you search for data since it is not stored in the student table?  Not everyone has access to DDE or the skill level to use it.  This would also apply to searching lunch data since it is also being stored in special programs.
Bev Lauby
Lexington Schools
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I correct myself, lunch data is not stored in special programs.  Only the sped data.

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Does anyone have a process that auto-triggers an attendance email after a
specific number of absences, preferably listing the classes?

Our dean of students is looking for an easier way to notify parents when a student has been absent 6 or more times for a course, and then again at 10 or more times.

Right now, she can run a report (PSCB Custom Report > Meeting Attendance - Search by Frequency) to see the names and classes missed. From there, she can use the Multi-Select feature to pull the student names, use the Build Email List customization and send a generic email about attendance to the parent/guardian.

She wants an easier process that will allow her to list the classes missed in the email.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. We have School Messenger but after talking with my co-worker who manages that, I don't think that's an option.


Jane Campbell
Marian High School / Omaha, NE

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We don't have a totally automated way, but we've setup a way that doesn't take much work. It uses the special search function, attendancepoints. for your attendance level of 6, you would search *attendancepoints > =6. This requires all the attendance codes you want counted to have their Attendance Points set to 1. A custom field would need to be created to contain the date the 6th absence email was sent. You can create a stored search for each level, ex:

*attendancepoints > =6
Attendance_email_6 =

This would find all students who have 6 or more absences in a period and has not received an email for the 6th level. After the email is sent to these students, you would use the Student Field Value to enter the date into Attendance_email_6. 

This would find students the first time they reach 6 absences in any period, so it would not find students when they reach 6 absences in each period.

You would do the same for the other levels, such as 10. 

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I have went through all the steps to calculate honor roll, and my report comes back blank.  I know that is not correct.  Can anyone help point me in the right direct?  I have checked to make sure my GPA calculations are in and they are.  
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If your coding for pulling honor roll includes a reference to a specific term (Q1 I'm guessing), be sure your Current Grade Display (under School>Grading) for the affected school is also set to Q1).

And that might be something you already have in place.  If so, never mind.

Also, if you have a year in your calculation, make sure it is updated for 2019.

Thank you, I never thought about ensuring the current display was set correctly.   I will try that. 

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Could someone please tell me how to switch from using PowerSchool to using SRS for state reporting?

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We connected Clever to NWEA for Maps and state testing. We need to connect the field in PS for the state id code for our schools to Clever and then on to NWEA. Where is that in PS. table and field? Or where does everyone else put that?

Gary W
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