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PS 12 upgrade (3)
I usually don't promote vendors but Shannon Cochran from TRC Educational Services was so helpful during our upgrade to PS 12 Contacts that I want to share his name. If you're preparing/dreading the upgrade to 12, Shannon can help you get your parent and emergency contact info ready for the upgrade before you upgrade so you have much less of a hassle consolidating after the upgrade. His price was very reasonable.

Email me (jcampbell at if you want his contact info or want to ask questions about the process. We still have some access accounts to consolidate into parent accounts, but our Contacts are in pretty good shape.

Jane Campbell / Marian High School
Omaha, NE / PS 12.1.2 / 700 students
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I'm working with a contractor to get my contacts all cleaned up before we upgrade to PowerSchool 12. I was planning to upgrade during winter break but the contractor wants me to upgrade during Thanksgiving break. 

If you've upgraded to PS 12, would you recommend doing it during Thanksgiving break? (I usually run major upgrades in June or July.) I'm mostly worried about any changes to PowerTeacher Pro that could cause more stress to teachers during the last couple weeks before finals.

Is there any chance the upgrade could affect our sync with eBackpack? Just looking for any advice you might have to offer. Thanks!

Jane Campbell
Marian High School
Omaha NE
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You may want to wait, there is a update for 12.1 scheduled to come out in December that is suppose to be better about consolidating contacts after migration. Check out the latest PowerSource Insider video 11/5 in PowerSource for more information. I don't know about eBackpack.

Thanks, Angie. Watching Insider right now. :-) Have you already moved to 12? If so, how different is PowerTeacher Pro? I'm most worried about changing the grade book on the less confident teachers right before the end of the semester.

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I just got the banner notice that my server will be updated to PS 12 on Sunday. Anyone else seeing this?

I've submitted a support case and turned off auto-updating on my server. But I thought PowerSchool would NOT auto-update you to PS 12 until you specifically requested it. Aren't they still supporting updates to PS 11?

We just installed a new registration forms package that isn't PS 12-ready, plus we're nowhere near ready for PS 12. =:-0

Jane Campbell
Omaha Marian
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