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Creating Quarter long classes
We have quarter long classes for our Jr High.  The teachers are having trouble using the grade set up in their grade book.  I'm sure it is something to do with the way I have the quarter classes set up.  If anyone can help with this it would be much appreciated!  Thanks!

While I'm on this topic I know I had trouble last spring getting 1st and 2nd quarter classes to print on the final report card.  If you have suggestions for this I would appreciate any you could give for this as well.  Thanks again for the help!
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3 Responses to "Creating Quarter long classes"

The first place to check is Final Grade Setup in PowerSchool. Do you have your Quarter final grades created in the Quarter terms for these cources? Your report card problems might have to do w/ your current problem or it might be the way you are storing your grades if the report card is pulling historical grades. Are last year's Qtr grades showing in Historical grades?

Thanks Wayne!  I checked the final grade setup, that is the problem I'm quite sure.  I just wanted to check though, if I create the quarter final grades in the quarter terms it should not affect my semester and year long classes correct? 

That is correct. Think of each "row" in Final Grade Setup as all the courses that are that length, b/c each "row" only relates to the classes that are that length. Anything you put in a term box, such as Q1, will only affect the courses that are Q1 in length. The length of a course is set in the Sections window. 
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