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Add a standard to a reportcard (not a object report)
I want to add a standard to a report card for the high school and middle school. Their report card in not an object report rather it is built using reports/reportcards. Is this possible by using DAT's or not? If so, can someone help me out.
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I presented on Standards Based Report Cards at NEPSUG. I posted my information on that website. I don't know if it's still available there or not. If you don't find it, let me know.

There's also a document on PowerSource by Roger Sprik about report cards that has the DAT info.

If you have the standards already set up in PS you could add it to the footer of the report card.  It would look something like:
Understands Concepts: 
Q2- ^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q2)  Q3-^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q3) Q4-^(*std.stored.transavg;S.F.1;Q4)

Peggy, do you know the name of the article from Roger Sprik. I did look over your stuff from NEPSUG but most was geared for the object report.

I figured I could possibly add to the footer, but I would need to do that for each course.

I am thinking the only way to do this is to create the standard as an assignement and then pull it to the report card report?

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