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Adding Teacher to Class
We have a teacher who is leaving as he is going to the Middle East for Guards. Another teacher is taking over for him. We need to add her to his class and see his gradebook and be able enter in grades while he is gone.
 On the same lines, have resource teachers who need to be able to see certain students classes and grades for helping out the students.

If someone helps me out on that those, I might have a cookie for ya.. LOL
1 Response to "Adding Teacher to Class"

We handle resource teachers and students by creating a class called SRS and enrolling all thei case load into that class. Even the ones they do not see and are just monitor only. This way they have access to all the students grades.

As far as teachers leaving, I just change the password for the regular teacher and let the long term sub use the same account. This way the students reamin under the actual teacher. If you do not want to do that, you can just change the teacher on the classes to the long term sub and then when the real teacher gets back, change them back.
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