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substitute teacher
I thought that this was covered before but can't see it. How does everyone handle substitute teachers and getting them to login to do attendance and such??


Gary Warner
Adams Central Public Schools
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We have an instruction guide that walks the subs through how to login and take attendance.  This is given to them when they first check into the office.  We use the password scheme that changes with the day.  We have at least one sub everyday and most subs are pretty regular so they know the drill and don't even need the guide anymore.  Our regular subs have their own network login and the subs that are new or just sub from time to time just use the generic sub network login.  Hope that helps.

But how do you assign them classes and such?? It seems that everytime they come in you will have to assign the class to them so they an take attendance.

They login thru the Substitute Portal. It is the same URL as your teachers' PT URL, except /teachers is replaced by /subs. They will have to have a password and this is setup at School > Sub Login Settings. There is an option to also require the subs to type in a date.

The sub will select what teacher they are subbing for from the dropdown list and that teachers classes will show up for them to take attendance.

WOW!!! i didn;t know that. I hard "heard" about something but never knew. Thanks!!

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