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Course numbers in Teacher's Gradesbooks
We have set up a course in Power School labeled Elementary Music and then set up different sections for the different grades, such as 1st grade - section 1, 2nd grade - section 2, etc.  However, when the teacher goes in to put the grades in her gradebook all she sees is 7 Elementary Music courses with no course or section number.  Therefore, she has to click and open each course to see which grade it is associated with.  This is just one of several elementary classes set up this way.  I was wondering how other schools set up these courses or if there is way to see the course/section number in Teacher Gradebook.  Thanks.

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1 Response to "Course numbers in Teacher's Gradesbooks"

ahve the teachers under course info put in a cistom display name like period 2. Then go to preferences, sections and use custom display name. This is what we do.
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