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Kindergarten Report Card Data Tags
I'm scrambling to get a Kindergarten Report Card (object report) done by the end of the quarter. I have all my standards set up, but I'm not sure how to format the data tags correctly. I want the teachers to be able to enter a check mark once for each standard and have it show for the whole year. Do I have to have a check box for every quarter, or can I have one for the year that will print at every quarter?

If I have ^(*std.stored.transavg;M.0.R.1;Y1) will it always pull regardless of which quarter I'm in?

Peggy Medema
Valentine Community Schools
Tags: object reports  DAT
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 I have done this and it is not pretty to get done. I have our RC divided up by quarters. Y1=Q1 on mine. With another line of code for Q2 and so on. Also had to make sure that on your semesters on final grade setup, you have quarters listed in there or the teachers will not see Quarter boxes to check but only semester. Ran into that last year. Also need to make sure that your permissions for who can see the standards for your classes are right too. Don''t add in the attendance code that you use for everyone's Attendance. Then all the teachers will see all the standards for a kids whither he/she is in K or 1st..

Gary Warner

If I'm understanding you right, you'd have something like this:


with it all lined up to print to the same spot?


Each will have to have its own spot to print to.  If you have columns for your grading periods, each standard checkmark will need to be set up to print to the particular column for that grading period.

Yes but have it tabed across the RC like.. Q1   Q2   Q3  Q4

In my code have it tabbed too match it.. So as the year goes on they will see the next Q grade pop-up..

Hi Peggy,

I have my Kindergarten Report Card set up as you described in your original question. With Y1 as the reporting period.  I only have one box for a response and it does appear through the entire year.  In the Key it is explained that Items not yet introduced are left blank.  The teacher enters a 1,2,3 or 4 one time or can change it if/as the student improves.

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