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NSSRS report version
We upgraded this fall to 6.0.0  I am having some difficulties with NSSRS reports that I have never had before. Does anyone know what report versions we should be seeing in our state reports?  Want to make sure I have the "latest and greatest" before I get any more frustrated.  Thanks.
Rhonda Hoyt
Anselmo-Merna Schools
K-12 Counselor
Tags: NSSRS  Reports
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Maybe I'm loosing it, but I thought I had posted this last week, but I don't see it, so here it is.

Student 1.9
Student Snapshot 2.0
Special Ed Snapshot 1.2
School Enrollment 1.6
Day Calendar 1.0
Title I 1.3
Assessment Fact 1.1
Assessment Response 1.2
Student Summary Attendance 1.3
Programs Fact 1.1
Post School Survey 1.2
Staff 1.4
Staff Snapshot 2.0
Staff Assignment 1.2
Assessment Item Response 1.1
Unique-ID State ID 1.8

NOTE:  PowerSource's latest documentation has the current version of Student Snapshot @ 1.6 and the Staff Snapshot @ 2.0. From what I can tell they have them switched, Student Snapshot s/b 2.0 and Staff Snapshot s/b 1.6.
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