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I ran my ADA/ADM by Date yesterday and ran from the beginning of school year till 9/30 and the report ran fine.  This morning I ran the report for dates 9/1 - 9/30 and I got zeros.  I then ran the exact report I ran yesterday and got zeros.  I have been on hold with PowerSchool.  Any suggestions?



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I don't have an answer but would be interested when you find out.  We are having trouble with our Attendance Count report for the elementary.  Runs fine for the high school and preschool.  Set ups look identical to me. (but they must not be?)
Rhonda Hoyt
Anselmo-Merna Schools
K-12 Counselor

My report is running now, but we see that my numbers are not correct for either the High School or Elem. by 30 students.  We checked our entry dates and refreshed our attendance.  Any other suggestions.

I ran ADA/ADM by Dae this mornig using 8/18/09 as the start date and it ran fine.  Then ran for only the month of September and that was OK too.

Sometimes when I get strange things I will either restart or shur down and start up my computer.  Worth a try

There are a couple of very good PowerSource documents that help w/ troubleshooting ADA/ADM problems:
6182, 57753
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