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Demographics Screen   (Archived)
Is there any way to add more parents to the demographics screen?  We have a fair share of 4 parent families, and some kids that have guardian ad litem and hhs people that always need information...
4 Responses to "Demographics Screen"

I have created a custom screen for non-custodial parents.  You could add a screen for all other contacts.  I don't know if we can change the canned screen we see.

How did you make the custom screen for non-custodial parents.

We did changed the PS screen and now am kind regretting it since I need to go in and edit so I have the new ethnicity codes piece and some other parts we need. I would be intereested in seeing your screen for additional parents. Can you send it to me at please.

Kathy, can you please send me your additional parent screen?
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