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Pulling standards grades from DDA
How can I pull all the standards issued for a specific class and a specific

teacher for a specific term.

For example. In Elementary, each student has three standards they are assessed

on duringg Q1. They do this in the gradebook under final grades.

I want a list of all students and each standards grade for Q1. It sure sounded

easy to me until I started looking.
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3 Responses to "Pulling standards grades from DDA"

This is the code I have in my 1st Grade report card to pull the "score" for Understands math concepts.

M.1.MC is the abbreviation for the standard.

<TABl .375>Understands math concepts<tabc 3.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q1)<tabc 3.625>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q2)<tabc 3.875>-<tabc 4.125>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q3)<tabc 4.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q4)<tabc 4.625>-

I'd be happy to share my report card with you. You could tweak it to suit your needs and you wouldn't have to reinvent the wheel.

I have pulled them for my report card, but I was wondering how to pull them from DDA as well. I may try exporting it with this code and see what happens.

What happens if you go to Standards in DDA and then choose StandardsID from the pull down and then put the ID in? I would think you'd have to do that for every single one. It might be easier to take your report card text and put it into new object report.

Just thinking off the top of my head....
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