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Changing a kids grade level at semester
We have a first grader who will be moving to the second grade tomorrow. I was thinking of going into the transfer info and changing his grade level however, that would make him appear as if her were in the second grade all year. Does anyone know how to do this correctly so I dont jack it up.
3 Responses to "Changing a kids grade level at semester"

I believe I would transfer the student out at the end of 1st semester, and then transfer in as a second grader on the 1st day of 2nd semester.  I THINK that would keep things straight for State Reports.  Good Luck!

I would transfer out and back in. Use the 200 code, Transfer out - intra-district. I think it would be worth a call to NDE to see how they think you should handle it. Otherwise, when you do the School Enrollment report that's due Feb. 1, you'll get an error message. They are going to have to make that change on their end. I had a similar situation last year. We had a Kindergartener who was unenrolled, but since we were giving Sped services, he still belonged to us. NDE had to make the change before it would correct the error.

Thanks for the help. Darn smart kids
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