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Help - Standards and Report Cards
 We started standards on our Elem Report cards last year. This year the Q1 was ok. Everything ran great. The teachers used powerteacher to put in the standard grades. This quarter, we showed the teachers how to put in standards via gradebook. We tested this all out in Nov/Dec on one school. Everything was working by the time X-mas came up with just a few very minor issues with comments(fixed by the the patch). Now Report cards are due to be printed. The school that we did the testing on, works. All standard grades are showing up with regular grades. The other schools are not. Their regular grades show up but not standard grades. We have been comparing the schools and can't find anything that is different except the Reporting Segments which I have changed to match the school that works. Nothing still. We are storing the standards via the System/Store Standard Grades. The admin who did it for the school that works, confirmed that we are doing all the step correctly. I have verified that the standards are in via DDA and on gradebooks but have not verified that they have been stored as historical as can't seem to find that.
 Any one have a idea where we can look to get the grades on the Report Card?? Codes are all write and match everything else. We are trying to show a Q2 standard grade on the report card.


Gary Warner
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You do not need to use that function if you are using the gradebook or PowerTeacher for standards. They automatically store withour running store standard grades.

If you go to a student and their quick look up and view standard grades, do you see standard grades for Q2 or just Q1.

Checked the quick lookup, completed standards only show Q2 not Q1.. Q1 was done in powerteacher, Q2 was done in gradebook. Read something that is the way it is suppose to be too. This was on a school that the RC does not work too.

Does your code on the report card object report look something like this for the standards

(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q1)<tabc 6.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q2)<tabc 7.25>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q3)<tabc 7.75>~(*std.stored.transavg;E.P.REA.3.1;Q4)

yes. here is Math/Kindergarden...

Identifies shapes <Tabto 3.61> ^(*std.stored.transavg;EL.K.MA.IS;Q1) <Tabto 3.86>^(*std.stored.transavg;EL.K.MA.IS;Q2)<Tabto 4.11>^(*std.stored.transavg;EL.K.MA.IS;Q3)<Tabto 4.36>^(*std.stored.transavg;EL.K.MA.IS;Q4)

We are not thinking it is the report card as it worked on Q1 and one school it works. Seems to be something in the other schools is different than that one school.

Are the templates identical in every way or did you make any changes? I'm thinking maybe you have a box with white fill instead of no fill, or maybe the grid and the text aren't on the same page or that it's on a layer that is behind. I know that when I have exported a report and imported it back in, sometimes it puts extra returns in and the text winds up being someplace I didn't want it.

On the subject of storing standards, DON'T DO IT!! I did that when I did my first standards based report card and it makes them disappear!!

The RC is the same for all schools. One schools can print out report cards with this template, the other schools get blanks instead. The school that does work, they stored the standard as historical and it still works. THe other schools we tired to not store, no joy, store grades, no joy. The grades are in the system. We can see them on quick lookup as a completed class. I have been looking through DDE and the standards are in there for all schools.

 Do you use the same code as above??

Did an experiment. When it to district. Ran a report card for all Kindergarden in the district. Standards only on the one school, all other schools are blank. 

This is what I use:

Understands math concepts<tabc 3.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q1)<tabc 3.625>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q2)<tabc 3.875>-<tabc 4.125>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q3)<tabc 4.375>^(*std.stored.transavg;M.1.MC;Q4)

It looks the same as yours.

Go to School Setup > Final Grade Entry Settings > Standards-based Final Grade Entry Options in the school that is having the problem and make sure Display/Enter is set to Translated Average Score. Also make sure you have all your grading periods in on the Global settings page.

Yeah got all of that. Checked that before as last year had a problem and that was it.
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